TF2 Pyro

TF2 Pyro

In Team Fortress 2, the Pyro is a pyromaniac who has a burning passion for setting things on fire with his flamethrower and flare guns. He's also a raving lunatic, living in a candy-colored fantasy land populated with unicorns and rainbows known as Pyroland.

TF2 Pyro Costume

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  1. the only things that’s missing here is the grenade belt


  3. You can do this at half the price, especially the tank.

  4. I don’t know how op could even think that mask is a good idea, i got one of those and it only covers the face and not your entire head, and it is smelly wit very bad air flow with only two holes roughly as wide as a finger. This is a much better mask, though it requires some modding and takes a few months to arrive if you live in the west.

  5. Where is the flamethrower

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