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Gia Bennett from Euphoria

In Euphoria, Gia Bennet played Storm Reid is Rue’s little sister. Her character has not developed very much as of yet. Gia was the one who found Rue when She overdosed and definitely has trauma around that. As the year goes on and Gia is getting older she begins hanging out with other kids who do drugs. Rue loses her and then later catches her smoking pot at the festival. Gia dresses a lot like her big sister Rue. Oversized tees and skinny jeans are part of her casual attire.

Octane from Apex Legends

Octane of Apex legends is “The Adrenaline Junkie.” He is the child of the CEOs of Silva Pharmaceuticals. Having his life already laid out for him due to being the heir to endless riches, Octavio Silva dedicated his time to committing life dangering stunts for fame and glory. After a freak accident causing him to lose both legs, he is now semi bionic and in pursuit of becoming an Apex champion. This costume is all about layering. It would be great for Fall cosplay events or Halloween. I recommend trying to mimic the paneling in the green swim trunks by keeping a piece of cardboard in the leg hole while you cut out the fabric with an x-acto knife. Do not make strips too thin or you will risk having a tear.


Gemini (May 21st to June 20th) is the mutable Air sign and the third number on the zodiac wheel. Ruled by Mercury and symbolized with the twins Gemini is most well known for their duality. The sign has many interests and constantly juggles many hobbies, careers, and friend groups. The downside is that Gemini does not have their feet planted in any one place leaving some to believe they are two faced. The Gemini costume works well with Gemini’s outgoing personality. The costume consists mainly of two tone color block patterns and bright glam accents. An ideal look for any Gemini on Halloween.

Jules Vaughn from Euphoria

Jules Vaughn played by Hunter Schafer is a teen trans-woman who has just moved to East Highland with her father. She is creative and dresses the part with an interest in fashion design. She meets Rue Bennet and the two form a deep friendship very fast that soon turns to romance. Jules is still figuring herself out and experimenting with her sexuality throughout the show while Rue has kept infatuated with only her. Jule’s style is cute and colorful with bright unique makeup. In this image, Jules has cloud-like wings drawn in white liner over her lids. You can apply that on top of a light nude shadow. (Search ‘Jules Vaughn cloud liner’ so you can get a close-up image to mimic the look. The lip topper will give your lips an extra shiny pop. Add some pink pomade at the ends of your hair. If you don’t have long hair and wish to use a wig apply the pomade to the wig. This costume is great for early fall and can be a comfortable casual look.

Rue Bennett from Euphoria

Rue Bennet played by Zendaya is the main protagonist of Euphoria. She is commonly the narrator of the show and we as the viewer know her perspective first and foremost. Rue spent last summer in rehab after almost losing her life from an overdose. She has suffered from addiction since she was a preteen but it is just now coming to the attention of her family. After rehab, she wants to keep using. When she first meets Jules she is still using but soon begins to want sobriety. Rue dresses casually with mostly plainclothes and one item that is heavily patterned. She wears minimal makeup besides glitter under her eyes dripping down in almost a tear like stream.

Pirate Jenny from HBO’s Watchmen

Pirate Jenny (Jessica Camacho) from the HBO series Watchmen is an anarchist at heart. She has joined The Watchmen to fight for justice by any means necessary. Her style is part functionality and part intimidation factor. A decent amount of crafting will need to go into the headpiece and mask. Luckily it is more ripping and tearing than sewing work.The bleached tee could be cut around the collar and stretched as desired. The fishnet hair net will need to go over your head and can be ripped liberally over the eyes. She has a dark smokey eye shadow peeking through the eye holes in her mask. The key to making this look work is expressing its been worn in. Use a close-up image of her face when making your mask so you can follow all the layers of fishnet and mesh it includes. May need some easy hand sewing for the thin layer of white mesh over her nose and mouth.

Jack Whitman from The Darjeeling Limited

Jack played by Jason Schwartzman is the youngest Whitman brother. He is the hopeless romantic of the bunch. He writes fiction based on his true-life experiences but denies it even though it is made clear as day. He truly plays up to being the emotional baby brother of Peter and Francis. He is so heartbroken over his ex he continues to wear the hotel robe from where he saw her last. Jack rarely even puts shoes on for most of the film but once or twice is caught in men’s sandals. He finds a love interest wherever he goes and uses this as a distraction from his brothers on their trip.


Taurus (April 20th to May 20th) is the second sign on the zodiac wheel and is a fixed earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus are known best for their love of creature comforts such as good food and relaxing atmospheres. They are equally known just as well for their stubbornness that they themselves may only see as dedication. The Taurus costume is heavy on earth tones with a few pops of color. This outfit is a great choice for any Taurus on Halloween night.

Kat Hernandez from Euphoria

Kat Hernandez played by Barbie Ferreira is a teen at Eastland High who wishes to rewrite her story this year. Always being conscious of her weight, kat did not dress up very often. She gets into camming and realizes she enjoys being an online dom. After receiving payment from her work she begins to get new outfits for herself and express herself how she has always wanted to. All clothes listed come in sizes SM-XXL if you can’t seem to find something in your size here think pleather, black, red, fishnet and mesh for substitutes. Kat’s style is a little gothic a little sporty. Her eye makeup is usually a dark burgundy or a smokey brown/black.

Maddie Perez from Euphoria

Maddy Perez from Euphoria

Maddy Perez played by Alexa Demie is the ‘it girl’ of East Highland. She is a cheerleader and as a child, she performed in beauty pageants. Maddy has high confidence and is not afraid to speak her mind. She is in an on and off-again relationship with Nate Jacobs who has begun to be physically abusive. Maddy is struggling to balance her life after being forced to stay away from Nate who manipulates her to do otherwise. Maddy’s style is all about monochromatic color schemes and two-piece matching outfits. Blue eyeshadow, face gems around the eyes and brows, lip liner and gloss are all a must.