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Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) is the mutable water sign and is the last constellation on the zodiac wheel. Pisces given symbol is of two fish swimming in opposite directions. Being at the end of the zodiac shows that Pisces have wisdom. They are known to be the most thoughtful and empathetic of the zodiac. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are known to be a sensitive creative type. However they do tend to be overcome with their emotions and lean towards escapism and isolation in order to preserve themselves. This Pisces costume is a light pastel color scheme with bright iridescent details. It is a cute creative Halloween costume for any Pisces.

Cake The Cat from Adventure Time

Cake the Cat is a character in a fanfiction series within the world of Adventure Time written by The Ice King. Cake is voiced by Roz Ryan and is more or less the femme version of Jake The Dog. This cake costume is pretty simple, but to make it a little bit closer to the actual patterning on her fur I suggest getting fabric paint and painting the large front pocket on the overall skirt yellow with one of the larger flat nylon brushed in the set. If you are worried about making a mess I suggest outlining the pocket with tape first. I also Included face paint. I suggest doing a circle around one eye and then use black for the nose and any other detailing. Don’t forget setting powder!