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Evelyn Abbott from A Quiet Place

Evelyn Abbott (played by Emily Blunt) is the wife of Lee and mother to Regan, Marcus, and Beau in the movie A Quiet Place.  During the course of the film, Evelyn also gives birth to a new baby while attempting to remain silent so as not to provoke the extraterrestrial creatures who have devastated Earth.  Evelyn wears a long, flowing dress that fits comfortably over her baby belly, and a cozy sweater to stay warm.  Finding the exact dress would be difficult, so choose a maxi dress with a similar pattern or color scheme to layer with a white tank top and beige cable knit cardigan.

Raymond Smith from The Gentlemen

Raymond Smith (played by Charlie Hunnam) is the right-hand man of marijuana magnate Mickey Pearson in Guy Ritchie’s film The Gentlemen.  Ray spends much of the movie speaking with Fletcher, a private investigator who has been looking heavily into Mickey’s enterprise.  Ray dresses quite well in accordance with his accrued wealth, and wears a pair of dark orange framed glasses.

lee abbott from a quiet place

Lee Abbott from A Quiet Place

Lee Abbott (played by actor/director John Krasinski) is the father of Regan and Marcus, and the husband of Evelyn in A Quiet Place. A utilitarian survivalist who was an engineer before the arrival of the extraterrestrial creatures responsible for the decimation of Earth’s population, Lee’s sole purpose is trying to keep his growing family safe. Lee’s most memorable outfit includes a cozy dark red sweater, and beige pants.  Don’t forget to pair your survivalist gear with a rugged beard to match.

brad metzler from xavier riddle and the secret museum

Brad Meltzer from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Brad Meltzer (voiced by Wyatt White) is friends with Yadina and Xavier on the PBS Kids show Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum.  Brad is often nervous about participating in adventures because time travel makes him dizzy.  His interests include action heroes, comic books, and butterflies.  He is named after author Brad Metzler, who wrote the books upon which the series is based with illustrator Chris Eliopoulos.

ari jin from flowering heart

Ari Jin from Flowering Heart

Ari Jin (voiced by Nancy Kim) is one of the three main protagonists of Flowering Heart. Ari is friendly and energetic, and cares deeply for her friends. Her flower is the pink azalea and her gemstone is the ruby, while her transformation is the Romantic Lip. Ari’s cheerful disposition compliments her pink hair and outfit.

aron ralston from 127 hours

Aron Ralston from 127 Hours

Aron Ralston (portrayed by James Franco in the film 127 Hours) is an avid outdoor enthusiast and hiker best known for amputating his own arm to survive a hiking accident.  In 2003, Ralston’s right arm was trapped by a boulder.  After several days without food or water, Ralston removed his arm in order to extricate himself and seek help.  The events of his ordeal were turned into a movie directed by Danny Boyle in 2010.  This costume could be recreated with your own hiking gear if you have it, just don’t forget to bring your trusty multi-tool pocketknife for emergencies!

lili from journal of the mysterious creatures

Lili Ryu from Journal of the Mysterious Creatures

Lili Ryu (voiced by Aya Susaki) is a werewolf and one of the main character in the anime Journal of the Mysterious Creatures.  Lili is the new roommate of Yoshihito, a 23-year-old man without a girlfriend or job.  As Lili is viewing the house, she is attacked by the vampire Vivian.  Lili’s outfit shows off her affinity for dogs, and can be super fun for a dog lover to put together.  If you cannot find a crop top that suits her outfit, you can always purchase a normal t-shirt and then cut it to the exact length you want.

husk from hazbin hotel

Husk from Hazbin Hotel

In the YouTube series Hazbin Hotel, Husk (voiced by Mick Lauer) is a pansexual cat demon with a casino card theme.  Husk is perpetually grumpy, a bit of an alcoholic, as well as a proficient gambler.  Husk is friends with Charlie and Niffty, who he works with at the Happy Hotel.  To create a Husk costume, you’ll first want to find a cat costume that you like and then add details do it.  You can upgrade a simple cat onesie by tying or gluing red feathers to the end of the tail, as well as onto the eyebrows on the hood or on a separate mask if you’d prefer to cover your entire face.

kurapika from hunter x hunter

Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter

In the anime series Hunter x Hunter, Kurapika (voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro and Erika Harlacher in the 2011 series) is the lone survivor of the Kurta clan and a Blacklist Hunter.  While Kurapika’s blue and yellow outfit is easily found pre-made, there are several options available from both the 1999 and 2011 series, depending on how creative and crafty you want to be.

mickey pearson from the gentlemen

Mickey Pearson from The Gentlemen

Mickey Pearson (played by Matthew McConaughey) is the main protagonist of The Gentlemen.  Mickey has risen from poverty in his home country of the U.S. to become an exorbitantly wealthy cannabis farmer and dealer in the UK.  Mickey decides to sell his business in a bid to retire, which runs him afoul of several prominent characters including Dry Eye and his associates.  Mickey’s clothing is often a little eccentric or over-the-top in either color or print, making him a fun character to emulate.