Hela Odinsdottir

Hela Odinsdottir

As the secret eldest child of Odin, and sister to Thor and Loki, Hela (Cate Blanchett) was the Asgardian Goddess of Death and former Executioner. After gaining too much power, her father defeated her in battle and sent her to be imprisoned in Hel for millenia. At Odin’s death, the power that held her captive faded and she was able to escape and exact her revenge. She is the villain of Thor: Ragnarok.

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  1. Friday Thorpaw March 30, 2021 Reply

    So here’s the issue with this her name is not “Hela” it is “Hel” in original Norse mythology and she is also half rotting corpse. I still love Marvel but they need to look up their Norse mythology facts. Like it is “Frigg” not “Frigga” and “Loki” caused “Ragnarök” and was blond and very mischievous not an evil overlord. There are so many other things, but I won’t get into them right now.

  2. Friday Thornpaw March 31, 2021 Reply

    Okay wait a Valkyrie is completely different. A Valkyrie is one of the figures who chooses who dies in battle and they carry vikings off to what is basically forever battle and drinking. Oh, and there are many W

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