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The Human Spider

…In Spider-Man, Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) starts off with his newfound superpowers not by fighting crime and saving lives, but fighting in a wrestling cage match to win some money. With his homemade costume, he fights as The Human Spider, facing off against Bonesaw McGray (portrayed by Randy Savage). He looks just a bit amateur compared to the Spider-Man costumes made him later in the movie and by Tony Stark in the Avengers movies….

Finn the Human

…Finn is a 14-year-old human boy who loves nothing more than saving the day, accompanied by the shape-shifting Jake the Dog. He wears a hat that covers his extremely long flowing golden hair. He is prone to exclamations and outbursts including “Mathematical!” and “Algebraic!”….

Greendale Human Being

…In the hit sitcom Community, the Greendale Human Being is the school mascot for Greendale Community College. Created by Pierce Hawthorne and Dean Pelton, they are a genderless, anthropomorphic, non-offensive “being.” With the black fabric marker, draw two black dots for the eyes and a wide smile on the zentai mask….

Spotlight on Black Cosplayers: An Interview with Cocoa Sugar, Patrick, and Carla

…m in society at large, we experience the same hardships within the cosplay community. There’s a portion of the cosplay community that gatekeeps for ‘accuracy’ and lashes out at black cosplayers who cosplay non-black characters. Then there are those who still think it’s ok to use blackface. Even outside of those overtly racist acts, black cosplayers are less likely to be selected as cosplay guests, featured in publications, picked for cosplay group…

Fionna the Human

…Fionna is the gender-swapped version of Finn who was created by the Ice King. She is a fearless, thrill-seeking hero who has a crush on the Bubblegum Prince and saves him from the Ice Queen….

Make Your Own: Ciri from The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

…etch out your design for each square. Here in Fig. 14 is a close-up of the design I drew: When you’ve got your design sketched out, use an embossing stylus to carve the design into each square. Next, cover each square with a coating of Plasti-Dip. Allow your squares to dry completely, then lay on a coat of metallic silver spray paint. Glue your turquoise rhinestones down into the center of each square using E6000 glue. Once you’ve got all your squ…

Cosplay at the Comic-Con Special Edition 2021 Masquerade

…JohnCena @DCpeacemaker 📷 B. Watters — San Diego Comic-Con (@Comic_Con) November 28, 2021 The Corps Dance Crew also entertained the attendees with a Squid Game themed performance. The Corps Dance Crew did a #SquidGame-inspired performance at the #CCSE Masquerade (and I contribute to absorb Squid Game via pop culture and, you know, popularity, but I will watch it one day, I swear). #SDCC — Eric G…

Behind the Grit: A Conversation with Gritty Creator Brian Allen

…am that brought Gritty to life and made him so approachable.   On Gritty’s Design Of course Gritty’s design has a lot to do with that as well. Although he drew up around 25 mascots for the Flyers to choose from – including a pilot, a bull, a bat, and a flying squirrel – Gritty was Allen’s favorite from the start. He drew inspiration from favorite childhood memories, one that most adult hockey fans today would share. “When I was designing him I was…

Make Your Own: Belle’s Chipped Cup from Once Upon a Time

…to practice on a piece of paper (or a spare cup, if you’ve got one) before committing to painting the design on your cup. However, the cup in the show looks like it was hand-painted, so I was able to see beauty in my mistakes, however beastly they seemed at first glance. :) You can use gold acrylic paint on the very top of the cup’s handle and around the rim and base of the cup to finish the look. I did not actually have gold paint with me, and I…

Make Your Own: Maid Marian from Robin Hood

…y fun you guys. First, fold your fur fabric in half and draw out your tail design on the back of the fabric. Once you have a design you are satisfied with, you can go over your lines in black marker. (You can also experiment with designs using wax paper if you prefer). Cut out your design on the folded-over fabric in order to get 2 identical, mirrored pieces. Since I had a hard time finding faux fur in the color I wanted, I bought white fur instea…