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Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess

…d leather pieces that evoke the same warrior feel as many of Xena‘s outfits from the show….

Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess

…Gabrielle (played by Renee O’Connor) is a main character in the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess. She begins as a quiet Greek farm girl seeking protection and a new adventure, but she eventually becomes Xena‘s most trusted ally and soulmate. While her initial weapon of choice is a staff, she learns to wield a set of sais to exceptional effect. Gabrielle’s costume changes throughout the series, but she typically wears small crop tops throughout….

Hera from Xena: Warrior Princess

…ne of the primary antagonists in both Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess. Despite being the goddess of marriage she is unfortunately wed to the chronically unfaithful Zeus. Her anger with him leads her to attack his children by other women while exerting her influence over other areas of mortal life. Dressing as Hera is fairly straightforward. She wears a lot of black while adopting iridescent tones in blues and greens bec…

Cataleya Restrepo from Colombiana

…ly Cataleya made it out alive. The little girl – who once dreamed of being Xena, Warrior Princess – dedicated her life instead to ending the people who took her family from her. Her line of work means that she has a wide wardrobe. Whatever it takes to get the job done. The first outfit we see her in is a party dress, black bra, short wig, and gold heels with red bottoms. Red-bottomed shoes tend to be expensive however so you’ll have to DIY your ow…

2021 Cosplay Predictions Based on PAX

…end holds true outside of video games (and it seems to be) franchises like Xena, Star Trek, and other old school favorites might be seeing a resurgence in cosplay popularity. There might not be a whole lot of conventions on the calendar right now and for good reason. But there’s no telling what next year will bring. If you’re starting to plan out next year’s cosplays, give these games a peek. And, of course, check out your old favorites. There’s n…