death note

Near from Death Note

The younger and more gifted of L’s successors, Near (Noriko Hidaka / Cathy Weseluck) is characterized by his eerie monochromatic appearance in the Death Note manga. In the anime, his outfit is near the same except for the color of his baggy pajama pants. Despite his genius intellect, he is both childish in his looks and in his mannerisms.

Misa Amane

Misa Amane is the female love interest for protagonist Light Yagami in the anime and manga series, Death Note. Represented in the series as a beautiful, innocent form of comic relief to the megalomaniac that is Light, her fashion style is a mixture of gothic and Lolita: differentiating between her feminine youthful attitude and dark but deadly willpower.

The most known outfit of hers is her signature black clothes her character was wearing when introducing herself to Light. It’s a fairly simple look, one that just screams goth. The pieces needed are a leather black corset (with straps/bra underneath), a plain black choker, a silver cross necklace, a black leather or vinyl skirt, black floral lace stockings and sleeves, red nail polish, blonde hair pulled into thin grungy pigtails with front strands and bangs, and lastly a pair of black combat boots (just a bit high above the ankle).


A calculating genius but an eccentric recluse, L Lawliet is the primary antagonist in the Death Note manga and anime series. An incredibly gifted detective, he will stop at nothing to put an end to Kira’s totalitarian reign of justice.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is who you get when you take a sociopath and give him the ability to kill anyone just by writing their name in the Death Note book. Though he intends to rid the world of evil with his new powers, he soon becomes corrupted in his plan to become the god of the new world.