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Make Your Own: Garnet from Steven Universe

Skill Level: Intermediate This is a detailed, step-by-step guide to help you create your own Garnet costume from Steven Universe […]

Debut Pearl

In Steven Universe, Pearl debuts in a sleeveless sky-blue top and silk ballet flats. It’s not until post-regeneration that she takes the form with the satin sash-ribbon around her upper waist and amber-colored leggings.


Garnet, who’s a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, is the leader of the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe and is often the the peacemaker between Pearl and Amethyst. For her costume, the gloves are going to require painting and bedazzling, and her leotard will also need alterations. The styrofoam ball will help to create the exaggerated puff sleeve look once they are shaped to your arm and covered in fabric.

Rainbow Quartz

In Steven Universe, Rainbow Quartz is a fusion gem created by Pearl and Rose Quartz.  She made her first appearance in the episode “We Need to Talk” during a recording session with Greg Universe. Note: for help on creating Rainbow Quartz’s eyes, check out this makeup tutorial. For help styling Rainbow Quartz’s bangs, check out this wig tutorial.

Purple Puma

Amethyst is able to shapeshift into a purple Abominable Snowman-like creature known as the Purple Puma, who’s her wrestling alter ego. She uses wrestling as an outlet to blow off steam, especially when Pearl and Garnet get on her case.


In Steven Universe, Ruby is Crystal Gem who has the ability to fuse with Sapphire to form Garnet. As her appearance suggests, she has a fiery, short temper which can literally turn her into a hot-head.

Tiger Millionaire

Tiger Millionaire is Steven Universe’s wrestling alter ego. He wrestles tag team with Purple Puma and often uses props like a briefcase full of money or a gigantic cell phone to take out his opponents.


In Steven Universe, Pearl is the analytical and strategic one of the Crystal Gems. She’s very motherly towards Steven though sometimes she can be overbearing. Despite her calm and composed demeanor she has been known be flustered by things she doesn’t understand.


In Steven Universe, Stevonnie is the first fusion between a half-Gem and a non-Gem. Stevonnie shares the minds and personalities of the two halves that they are made of. They have the friendliness and fun-loving attitude of Steven and the intelligence and anxiousness of Connie.

Rose Quartz

In Steven Universe, Rose Quartz is the founder of the Crystal Gems, who becomes involved with a human, eventually giving birth to her son, Steven Universe. As her name implies, she’s known for her rose colored hair, dress, weapons, and gemstone.