amy o’grady

Maria from Dead by Daylight x Silent Hill

Maria (voiced by Amy O’Grady) is a character from the Silent Hill franchise who appears in Dead by Daylight as well.  In her original game, Maria looks nearly identical to James Sunderland‘s late wife. Maria has short blonde hair with pink tips and wears a pink animal print mini skirt, cropped sweater, and brown boots.  She also has a pink butterfly tattoo on her abdomen and accessorizes with a pink choker necklace, blue belt, and waist chain with gold medallions.  You can add pink highlights to a blonde wig with a chalk hair comb and use a temporary tattoo to emulate her look.  While you might not be able to find an exact match for her skirt or choker necklace, similar options exist, so choose whichever you like best.

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