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Natalie from The Bear

Natalie Berzatto, nicknamed “Sugar”, is a character from the series The Bear and is played by Abby Elliot. The Bear is about a chef named Carmen, who has quit fine dining and returns to Chicago to try and fix the run down sandwich shop previously owned by his brother who passed. We follow his struggles in gaining respect from the previous kitchen staff while dealing with grief and the stressful environment all at once. In the series we also meet Natalie, who is Carmen’s sister. Natalie is very encouraging towards her brother, and really steps up and commits to helping the restaurant in season two, becoming a true part of the team.

Natalie in season two often dresses professionally, as she is handling the business side of remodeling the restaurant. She mostly sticks to jewel tones-greens, blues, and reds. When she isn’t handling the business side, she helps out with handy work where she can and there we see her in practical but stylish green coveralls.

Frances Ha

Frances is played by Greta Gerwig and is the main character from the film Frances Ha, directed by Noah Baumbach. The film follows Frances as she navigates living in New York. We watch her face adulthood and try to achieve her dreams of becoming a dancer, but she seems to fall behind the people her age in areas like having her own apartment, a stable job, and being okay with not living with her best friend Sophie that achieves this before she does.

This film is entirely in black in white, but her personality still shines through in what pieces Frances chooses to wear. She is a big outfit-repeater, usually wearing a floral dress with leggings underneath, her signature bomber jacket with a fur collar, and without the jacket she wears a white cardigan around her waist to make her stand out against the also-gray background she’s in. When she gets her office job with the dance company in the end, she dresses professionally in a knee-length skirt and the white button down we see her wear previously that fits perfectly into her new look.

Barbara Howard from Abbott Elementary

Barbara Howard is from the TV series Abbott Elementary and is played by Sheryl Lee Ralph. Barbara is a Kindergarten teacher at the elementary school in the series. She is a kind character that mostly sticks to a traditional way of teaching. Janine Teagues looks up to her for her ability to tackle any situation.

Barbara has a school-appropriate and classy while still stylish approach to her everyday fashion. You’ll usually see her in a patterned blouse, a cardigan, sometimes a matching scarf and often a pearl necklace.

Charlotte Flax from Mermaids

Charlotte is a character from the 90s film Mermaids, and is played by Winona Ryder. Mermaids follows Charlotte who is tired of her mother Rachel moving her family every time she feels like it, and when she’s thinks they will finally settle down in Massachusetts, she realizes she is more like her mother than she thinks and they learn to grow and accept each other.

Charlotte in the beginning of the film is obsessed with living a religious lifestyle, different from her mother and therefore dresses very conservatively like her costume with a black dress, white lace collar, and always a black headband and cross necklace, or her yellow cardigan and gray pleated skirt. Later in the film when she becomes rebellious, she takes her mothers iconic pink retro dotted dress and tries to dress and act like her.

Eleanor from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Eleanor is a character from the Wes Anderson film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and is played by Anjelica Huston. The Aquatic Life with Steve Zissou is about an oceanographer that witnessed a shark kill a member of his crew. We follow his journey along with his crew as they encounter pirates and travel the sea. Eleanor is the estranged aristocratic wife of the protagonist, Steve Zissou.

Eleanor both fits in and stands out from the Zissou crew, who wears different variations of blue uniforms and red hats. She has a strong identity and confidence that we can see through her costume, often wearing flowy or linen pieces which are fitting to be by the sea and the summertime. She also wears turquoise jewelry that are shell or beach inspired, as well as blue streaks in her hair.

Edward Bloom from Big Fish

Edward Bloom is a character in the 2003 Tim Burton Film Big Fish, and is played by Ewan McGregor. The film Big Fish is based off of the original book by Daniel Wallace. It follows Edward Bloom who has grown old and fallen ill. His son travels to visit him and hears his magical stories about his life, and finds the truth behind them.

Edward as we see him when he’s younger, is almost always wearing red and a deep blue. This creates a contrast to Sandra’s light sky blue dresses, and the yellow field of daffodils he creates for her.

Molly Davidson from Booksmart

Molly Davidson is from the movie Booksmart, and is played by Beanie Feldstein. Molly is one of the two protagonists of the film, the other being Amy Antsler, her best friend. This comedy takes place at the end of their senior year, where they attempt to experience things they haven’t in school like partying, but all in one night before graduation.

Molly wears fun layers in her outfits that really show us her personality. She is put together, very smart and accomplished but also outgoing and hilarious. She wears a smart turtleneck sweater but in bright yellow, a green plaid blazer and trendy skirt with tights. In her matching blue coverall jumpsuit with Molly, she personalized it with a handy leather fanny pack and patterned neck scarf.

Rachel Flax from Mermaids

Rachel Flax is a character from the 90s film Mermaids, and is played by Cher. Mermaids follows Rachel’s daughter Charlotte who is tired of her mother moving herself and her sister every time she feels like it, and when she thinks they will finally settle down in Massachusetts, she realizes she is more like Rachel than she thinks and they learn to grow and accept each other.

Rachel’s iconic and most known costume from the film is one that she wears to a costume party and is featured on the film’s poster. She dresses like a mermaid with a blue metallic skirt, and a pink corset with a seashell bra. She pairs this with a gold sequin cropped cardigan, mermaid headband with curled ribbons and sheer blue ruffled gloves.

Edith from Grey Gardens

Edith is best known from the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. The documentary captures the odd everyday life of Edith and her daughter Little Edie, former wealthy socialites who live in their decaying Long Island estate together, where they never leave the house. We see their very eccentric and hilarious personalities as they reminisce on their younger years with the occasional singing and dancing.

Edith in most of this documentary is sitting in bed and covered in blankets, but she does have some key outfit moments. She is an older woman, so she sticks with comfortable clothing like sweaters, robes, slippers, sometimes just a towel, and a variety of fun sun hats-even inside the house!

Rusty Martin from Viva Las Vegas

Rusty Martin is a character from the 1964 film Viva Las Vegas and is played by Ann-Margret. Viva Las Vegas is a musical film following Lucky Jackson as he prepares for the first Las Vegas Grand Prix and needs an engine, but he loses his money after meeting Rusty and has to earn it back to make the race on time. This colorful film reflects the charm of both Vegas and Hollywood tropes in both the sets and costumes.

Rusty’s costumes are very bright and summery with with lots of red and yellow pieces. In her iconic dance class scene, she wears tights and a red shirt, which you can re-create by wearing a red mock neck top with sheer black tights and black spandex shorts over them. She has two different swimsuits, one being the bright all-yellow outfit with a yellow one piece, yellow cover-up and white pointed kitten heels. Another is a red one piece with buttons down the top. And finally when she goes out dancing with Lucky, she matches his yellow blazer by wearing a yellow sleeveless scoop neck dress.