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Jody Moreno from The Fall Guy

Jody Moreno is one of the main characters in the new film The Fall Guy, and is played by Emily Blunt. The Fall Guy is a brand new action-packed film that follows a stuntman named Colt Seavers who has to track down a missing movie star while still doing his day job. His love interest in the film is Jody who is working on her directorial debut.

To dress like Jody, wear light pink coveralls and a lifeguard-style straw hat or for her other look, a dusty rose shirt layered over a purple tank top, paired with orange jeans and a wide brown belt.

Art Donaldson from Challengers

Patrick is one of the main characters in the new film Challengers, and is played by Josh O’Connor. Challengers is a drama/ romance film that centers around Tashi who after a career-ending injury, becomes a tennis coach and mentor for her husband Art. They encounter a former lover of Tashi’s, Patrick Zweig as they prepare for their upcoming match.

To dress like Art, wear a red Nike brand tee layered over a white fitted shirt, a red cap and black watch, or a light pink button-down shirt.

Bumper from Pitch Perfect

Bumper is a character from the 2012 film Pitch Perfect, and is played by Adam Devine. Pitch Perfect is a comedy that follows Beca, a college student that joins the all-girls singing group at her school called The Bellas who take on the rival all-male group in competition.

Bumper is the leader of the rival group, The Treblemakers. His style shows this as he sticks to a maroon-focused color palette, matching the group stage costumes. To dress like Bumper, wear a maroon jacket, a maroon and blue striped tee, and for the stage costume wear a maroon velvet blazer, maroon and navy striped tie, black sweater vest, and a maroon button down shirt underneath.

Evan from Superbad

Evan is a character from the 2000s comedy film Superbad, and is played by Michael Cera. Superbad follows two best friends, Evan and Seth as they experience their last two weeks of high school and prepare for a huge house party.

Evan, like many of the characters that Michael Cera plays is an awkward and nerdy character at his school. To dress like Evan wear a striped polo, yellow half-zip jacket with a green shirt and khaki pants, or a green jacket with a white polo and brown pants. This would make for a fun group costume with Seth and McLovin.

Lily from Late Night with the Devil

Lily is one of the main characters from the horror film Late Night with the Devil, and is played by Ingrid Torelli. This film is based in the 1970s and follows Jack, the host of a live late night television show. On Halloween night in an attempt to boost ratings, Jack brings on a guest named Lily, a girl who is allegedly possessed.

To dress like Lily, wear a light floral patterned shirt under a blue/ denim overall short dress, white knitted texture tights, black Mary Jane shoes, brown leather wrist cuffs and use fake blood face paint for the face where blood is dripping from her nose.

Leonard Bernstein from Maestro

Maestro is a film directed by Bradley Cooper who also stars as the protagonist, Leonard Bernstein. The film is a biopic of Leonard Bernstein’s life and rise to fame as a successful conductor. The film follows Bernstein’s life as he grows old with his wife Felicia and how they face different struggles together.

To dress like Bernstein as he appears conducting an orchestra, wear a black tailcoat, white vest, white shirt, white bow tie, black pants, and carry a conductors baton. For the look with Felicia in his older years, wear a khaki suit, pink shirt, and red patterned tie.

Daphne from Scooby-Doo (2002)

Daphne is one of the main characters from the 2002 film Scooby-Doo, and is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. This movie is a live-action take on the original Scooby-Doo cartoons. It follows the classic group as they travel to Spooky Island to investigate paranormal incidents at a spring break spot.

Daphne’s look follows the original cartoon very closely and is a stylish take on it. To dress like Daphne, wear a purple wrap dress with purple boots and a green scarf, or a purple coat with a matching purple headband, sunglasses, and boots. Another features a purple sun hat with purple sunglasses.

Jamie from Drive-Away Dolls

Jamie is one of the main characters from the new comedy film, Drive-Away Dolls, and is played by Margaret Qualley. Drive-Away Dolls follows two friends Jamie and Marian as they take an unexpected road trip to Florida in search of a new start, but as they do so, they run into a group of criminals.

To dress like Jamie, wear a red striped western style shirt, black jeans, a western style belt, and belt-loop chain accessories. Another look is an orange t-shirt that you can cut off at the sleeves and a blue scrunchie in the hair. Carry a brown combination lock briefcase to complete the look as a costume. You can also match with a friend dressed as Marian.

Marmee from Little Women (2019)

Marmee is a character from (the 2019 version) Little Women, directed by Greta Gerwig, and is played by Laura Dern. Little Women follows the classic story of sisters who are artists with big dreams and personalities. It follows the struggles and joys they all encounter together in the civil-war era.

Marmee is the mother of the March sisters. To dress like Marmee as she dresses at Meg’s wedding, for this wearable take on it, wear a green dress/ coat layered over a red skirt that matches a red/ rust-colored wide velvet ribbon at the collar. For another look, wear a long sleeve navy blue dress with a striped apron at the waist.

Donna Stankowski from Unfrosted

Donna Stankowski is a character from the new film Unfrosted, and is played by Melissa McCarthy. The film takes place in colorful 1963 and follows the story of two rival cereal companies, Kellogg’s and Post as they race to create a pastry, the pop-tart.

Donna’s wardrobe is such a fun and colorful one, matching the brand and style of the 60s. To dress like Donna, wear a yellow blouse with puffy long sleeves, a plaid or tweed vest, a blue and red scarf around the neck, red skirt, and blue vintage heels.

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