Make Your Own: Quin from Death Parade

Quin costume from Death Parade

Death Parade was a psychological anime that debuted in 2015. One may note that the name of Decim, the main character’s bar, was QuinDecim. Quin was the first arbiter of the QuinDecim bar. She now serves as a worker who sends memories of the dead to other arbiters. Quin is a friendly arbiter who loves to drink human world alcohol. This guide will help you transform into the arbiter, Quin!

Things You’ll Need:


Quin’s hair is short (neck length) and her bangs are shorter and choppy. I didn’t actually use a wig when I cosplayed Quin (my hair was somewhat similar at the time), but I can still help you style your wig. Your wig should already have a bang in the front. Angle your scissors upward and cut at the bangs until desired choppiness is achieved. Part the bang down the left a bit. Cut these fibers a bit more if the space doesn’t stay.


Quin has the pin of an arbiter. Pull up a reference and trace the general design onto silver paper. Color as needed. Color gold onto the first and fourth squares, then red on the second and third. Be careful not to press too hard as some metallic papers dent easily. Glue or tape the safety pin onto the back of the pin.

Eye patch

Quin’s eye patch goes on the LEFT side of her face. Take your locket and silver paper and trace space on the inside of the locket onto the paper. It should be able to fit inside the locket. You can either cut small triangles (like a camera shutter) and glue them onto the first piece of paper or draw a faux lens on the paper yourself. It’s hard to see sometimes, but there’s also a small hook like thing on the side of the eye patch lens. Cut a piece of silver paper shaped like the hook and glue that onto the side of the locket. Glue the locket closed.

Next, you’ll need to cut a piece of gold paper so it will fit onto the eye patch. I cut a square of paper larger than the eye patch. Fit the paper onto the eye patch, cutting diagonals into the paper where it needs to bend around the patch. The diagonal cuts should overlap a bit so it looks round with no buckles.

Before you glue the paper to the eye patch, cut three red ribbons long enough to tie behind your head.Tie the ends of two ribbons together. Glue the free ends of these ribbons to the left most side of the eye patch. Make sure you’re gluing on the front, as you don’t want these chemicals near your eye. Glue the other ribbon to the right side of the patch. Cut off the elastic that came with the eye patch. After the glue dries, try it on and make sure the ribbons behind your head and hold onto the eye patch.

Gather your gold paper and your locket. You’ll glue the gold paper onto eye patch, then the locket on top.

Simple cosplay, right? Congrats! You’re now Quin! (Ignore my black pants, it was cold.)

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