He Who Was from Baldur’s Gate 3

He Who Was is a character in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is a shadar-kai NPC who resides in the shadow-cursed lands. He has a Raven companion. The player may meet him in Act 2 while traversing the Ruined Battlefield. His quest is Punish the Wicked, in which the player can choose to help him punish Madeline through necromancy, or the player can help defend her. Use the black eyeliner to draw his eye and chin tattoos.

Wendy from Sweet Tooth

Wendy is a character from the Netflix series Sweet Tooth, and is played by Naledi Murray. Sweet Tooth follows Gus who is a boy that is half human and half deer as he travels through a post-apocalyptic world with help from a man named Tommy. Wendy is a girl who is a human-pig hybrid and the sister of Becky or ‘Bear’.

To dress like Wendy, wear pink corduroy overalls over a cream knit polo shirt, and a yellow cardigan over those. Wear a pig nose and a maroon dotted scarf or bandana in your hair.

Vance Hopper from The Black Phone

Vance Hopper (Brady Hepner) aka Pinball is a character in the 2021 horror movie The Black Phone. He was a local punk and school bully from North Denver. In a flashback, Vance beats up a pair of kids who mess up his pinball game. After the police take him away, he sits in the back with Gwen, as she searches for her kidnapped brother, Finney. Ultimately he too ends up becoming a victim of The Grabber. His outfit represents 70s punk as per the movie’s era of 1977.

Rudy from Fat Albert

Rudy from Fat Albert

In Fat Albert, Rudolph “Rudy” Davis (voiced by Eric Suter) is a member of the Junkyard Gang. He is the sharpest dresser and considers himself the smoothest talker. Although he can play the electric guitar, when in the Junkyard Band he prefers to use a makeshift banjo constructed with a broomstick and thread spool.

embarrassment from inside out 2

Embarrassment from Inside Out 2

Embarrassment (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) is a character in Inside Out 2.  Embarrassment joins Ennui, Envy, and Anxiety as the newest additions to Riley Anderson tumultuous cast of emotions.  His personality aligns well with his name, and he is shown to be awkward and shy.  Embarrassment has pale pink skin and brighter pink hair.  He wears a light purple hoodie pulled up over his head and covering his mouth, as well as purple pants and red shoes.

Simon Basset from Bridgerton

Simon is a character from the popular historical drama Netflix series Bridgerton, and is played by Rege-Jean Page. Simon is the love interest of season one of the series, and only appears within that season. He ends up marrying the diamond of the season, Daphne Bridgerton.

To dress like Simon, wear a black or blue vest, a white regency-style shirt, a black cravat, black pants, and a black coat.

Glinda from Wicked (2024)

Musical and Broadway fans are reeling after the release of the new trailer for the film Wicked. The film is a screen adaptation of the broadway musical Wicked, which tells the story of the witches of Oz. This film will be in two parts and release separately, at different dates. As we await the first release, we get to analyze and enjoy the trailer and all of it’s impressive actors and of course, the costumes.

In this I’ll be covering how you can dress like or recreate the different looks of Glinda that we get glimpses of throughout the wicked trailers out now. For the look pictured, wear a delicate pink sheer blouse that is sleeveless and ruffled along with a pink midi skirt, vintage-style pink heels, and a pink crossbody purse. Another look is one that resembles a ballet outfit where she seems to be practicing some kind of jousting or fighting in a class with Elphaba. To dress like that wear a pink ballet leotard, a pink wrap ballet skirt, and tie your hair up with two pink bows. Another thing to add could be a pink coat dress over top. Lastly, we get to see bits and pieces of what seems to be her iconic ‘Popular’ number where she gives us kicks and dance, even hanging from a chandelier in a sheer tulle pink robe that is all the drama, just like herself.

envy from inside out 2

Envy from Inside Out 2

Envy (voiced by Ayo Edebiri) is a new emotion in the Pixar animated film Inside Out 2.  As Riley Anderson gets older, new emotions appear inside her mind.  Among these is Envy, a small, teal emotion constantly enamored of others.  Envy has light teal skin and darker hair held back with purple clips.  She wears a light purple polka dot dress with a magenta collar over a pair of dark purple leggings and deep teal boots.  Once you assemble your costume, complete your look by wearing teal gloves and painting your face with teal body paint.

Kate Sharma from Bridgerton

Kate Sharma is a character from the popular historical drama Netflix series Bridgerton, and is played by Simone Ashley. Kate is the main character we follow throughout season two of the series and she ends up marrying Anthony Bridgerton.

To dress like Kate, wear a purple regency-style dress, pink opera gloves, a rose gold tiara/ headband. To resemble her iconic turquoise costume she wears out hunting with Anthony, take a cropped turquoise blue blazer like the one linked, remove or cut off the peplum bottom piece or crop it shorter, tuck in a sheer white scarf in the neckline and wear over a regency dress. You can also take a blue top hat or another light color and paint over it with turquoise fabric paint to match the jacket/ blazer.