Scarlett Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Scarlett Beauregarde is a character from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Tim Burton, and is played by Missi Pyle. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the 2005 version of the story that follows Charlie, a young boy that wins a tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Scarlett is the mother of Violet who also goes on the tour.

Scarlett’s look is always nearly identical to her daughter’s and they always match outfits. One of these is a bright pink track suit that she pairs with a pink blouse.

Nellie LaRoy from Babylon

Nellie LaRoy is played by Margot Robbie in the film Babylon, directed by Damien Chazelle. Babylon is a epic period drama set in 1920s Hollywood and how it went from silent pictures to having sound. In the film we follow Nellie LaRoy as she follows her dream of becoming a famous actress and once successful, learns about the dark side of the industry.

Nellie LaRoy’s Wardrobe is one that changes throughout the film as she becomes successful. We first see her in this iconic red outfit that looks like she could’ve put together herself. Recreate this with the full costume or put it together yourself with red light-weight scarves, red shorts, and fashion tape. Another costume that matches her wild personality are the overalls she wears after a party scene- just a dark wash denim pair of overalls with a wide leg. Finally, another great costume to recreate is the costume she wears on set during her first picture with sound. She wears a green and white preppy outfit with suspenders and a tie.

Marianne from Normal People

Marianne is a character from the series Normal People and is played by Daisy Edgar-Jones. The show is based off of the original book by Sally Rooney and is about Marianne and Connell who both live in a small Ireland town. They come from different backgrounds and are in and out of each others lives as they grow up and mature throughout the series.

Marianne has a style that changes a lot throughout the series as she gets older and finds herself. We start by seeing her in high school with a uniform, but as she goes to college and beyond that, we see her explore different styles as she is trying to find her own identity. As she gets older her costumes seem to fit her and her personality better, while other times we can see that she is trying new things that don’t really seem like herself. In college she dresses in vintage, colorful pieces that fits in with the cool crowd around her. When she visits Italy, she wears pieces that seem to fit her best and are much more simple like her black maxi dress.

Rika Orimoto (Human Form) from Jujutsu Kaisen 0

Rika (voiced in Japanese by Kana Hanazawa and in English by Anairis Quiñones) is one of the key characters in the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0, from the anime/manga series of the same name.

She was Yuta’s childhood friend, but tragically died in a car accident, which turned her into a cursed spirit. This lead to her haunting him for many years, striking at others she didn’t approve of being around him (most people). He still wears her mother’s ring that she gave him when they were little.

Rika has mid-back length brown hair and similarly colored eyes, and her outfit is the same one she wore in life, with a deep blue sleeveless dress, topped with a white collar decorated with hearts and red ribbon, and blue slip on shoes.

Lucky Jackson from Viva Las Vegas

Lucky Jackson is a character from the 1964 film Viva Las Vegas and is played by Elvis Presley. Viva Las Vegas is a musical film following Lucky as he prepares for the first Las Vegas Grand Prix and needs an engine, but he loses his money after meeting a girl named Rusty Martin and has to earn it back to make the race on time. This colorful film reflects the charm of both Vegas and Hollywood tropes in both the sets and costumes.

Lucky’s costume are bright and colorful like his yellow blazer he wears dancing and the red waiter uniform he wears when he gets a job with Rusty. She also wears yellow in the film, like her full yellow poolside outfit in “The Lady Loves Me” number, where Lucky wears a gray suit to compliment her and the rest of the environment.

Princess Mercury from Sailor Moon

Mercury wears her hair in the same way as she does in her civilian and Sailor wear, but instead of her tiara, she has the symbol for Mercury on her forehead, in blue.

She wears a blue sleeveless v-neck dress with golden ring detailing on the straps, and a little capelet coming off of the back. Instead of her usual choker, she wears a long blue ribbon around her neck, and has a blue teardrop necklace worn just under her collarbones.

Jack from White Noise

Jack is the main character from the film White Noise by Noah Baumbach, and is played by Adam Driver. The film is based on the original 1985 novel by Don DeLillo. This story follows college professor Jack Gladney and his family as they’re faced with “The Airborne Toxic Event.” They’re forced to evacuate their home and ultimately face their fear of death throughout the film and we see how each of them cope with this in their own ways. Jack is married to Babette and is a character that is passionate about his work, curious and eager to learn, and mild-mannered.

Jack has a strong contrast between some of his costumes in the film. When he is at work and giving lectures, he has a kind of persona that is almost theatrical, wearing a black doctorate robe paired with sunglasses which gives him a certain confidence in teaching. Outside of work, he dresses casually with a blue 80s windbreaker and always a funky patterned shirt.

The Mayor from the SpongeBob Musical

The Mayor is a minor character in SpongeBob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical. A stage adaptation of the Nickelodeon cartoon, the show premiered on Broadway at the Palace Theater in 2017. As the name suggests, she is the Mayor of Bikini Bottom. Gaelen Gilliland portrayed the Mayor in the Broadway production.

Natalie from The Bear

Natalie Berzatto, nicknamed “Sugar”, is a character from the series The Bear and is played by Abby Elliot. The Bear is about a chef named Carmen, who has quit fine dining and returns to Chicago to try and fix the run down sandwich shop previously owned by his brother who passed. We follow his struggles in gaining respect from the previous kitchen staff while dealing with grief and the stressful environment all at once. In the series we also meet Natalie, who is Carmen’s sister. Natalie is very encouraging towards her brother, and really steps up and commits to helping the restaurant in season two, becoming a true part of the team.

Natalie in season two often dresses professionally, as she is handling the business side of remodeling the restaurant. She mostly sticks to jewel tones-greens, blues, and reds. When she isn’t handling the business side, she helps out with handy work where she can and there we see her in practical but stylish green coveralls.