Make Your Own: Team Skull Grunt

Team Skull Grunt

Ever have the urge to harass someone on the street by aggressively throwing gang signs? You’re not alone! Team Skull is a group of enemy trainers you face in the game Pokemon Sun and Moon. Members of Team Skull grunts can be identified by their use of black and white, skull motifs, and their…strange way of threatening people. Here, you can become a member without giving up on your dreams of becoming a Pokemon trainer! For closet cosplays of other Pokemon Trainers, be sure to check out our costume guides for Ash, Misty, Brock, and many more!

Things you’ll need:

Tank top

Fit your black tank top onto whatever piece of cardboard you can find. The stretching of the cardboard under the tank top will make sure the fabric paint doesn’t crack when you wear it. Place two strips of masking tape so it makes a diagonal across your torso. There should be about and inch of space between them. Do the same with two more strips of tape so they form an x shape. Don’t forget to clear the tape from the middle of the x, you want the lines to form an uninterrupted x. Tape just below the neckline of the tank top. Paint the x and the neckline then leave it to dry. Once the front is dried, flip it over and do the same process with the back of the top.


Place something round (like your leg) into the opening of the tube sock so the paint doesn’t crack. Stick tape an inch below the opening on the tube sock. Paint completely around it and leave it to dry.


Measure your wrist, then measure your forearm about 6 inches down. Mark these measurements onto your black fabric. Add about an inch to and inch and a half to each measurement so you have space to place your velcro. Next, you’ll want to put masking tape on both ends about an inch away from the beginning and end of the fabric. Paint the space between the end of the fabric and the tape. Peel the tape off and let dry. Once it’s finished drying, cut your velcro to the size you prefer. I cut my velcro into one inch squares and put one on each end, but feel free to add more or less than that. Glue or sew the velcro on and you’ve got your wristbands!


Keep that masking tape handy, you’re not done with it yet. Add masking tape to (yes, this again) your bandana about an inch and a half away from the top of the bandana. You’ll need to cut two teeth into either side of the middle of the tape. Line the “teeth” with masking tape. They should look almost like squares. Paint over the tape and let dry.

(Optional) Thighband for ripped shorts wearers

Cut a piece of fabric about two inches long and as long as it can comfortably fit around your thigh. Add an inch or so for the velcro. This band has a zigzag pattern. I free handed this, but feel free to use masking tape for a cleaner finish.


The hat is probably the simplest item to make. I took a black marker and colored the circle and half circle on. You could also paint the eyes on or cut the eyes out with your black fabric and sew it onto the hat.

Team Skull Necklace

The necklace is pretty visually explanatory. The only tip I can give is to draw the pattern out beforehand and keep a reference picture handy. I hot glued the necklace chain to the back of the foam emblem.

You’re done! Blast some music out of your speakers and throw hand signs at your neighbors! Just don’t fight any main character looking ten-year-olds.

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  1. So are we painting over the tape? I’m kind of confused on that. But overall good guide:)

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