Make Your Own: Cutie Marks from My Little Pony

My Little Pony has been around for a while and shows no signs of going anywhere. And that means that […]

Bucky Barnes from Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This year’s Super Bowl had a lot of impressive moments. But for Marvel fans the most impressive moment was the teaser trailer for Disney+’s new line-up of shows starring familiar MCU actors. One of those actors, Sebastian Stan, is once again taking up the role of fan favorite James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes (Winter Soldier). Though photos from the show are few and far between, we do still have some ideas on what the costumes look like. And one of the clearest photos is of this everyday outfit for the former assassin and POW.

Black military-inspired boots and a black leather jacket give Bucky the same edge he’s had throughout the MCU while comfortable jeans and a grey t-shirt make let him blend in. A set of simple black leather gloves helps him hide his distinctive black and gold vibranium arm. Fans can take things a step further by getting a set of his dog tags from Etsy, though none currently listed match the props that Sebastian Stan shared on his Instagram while filming.

Esther from Giant Days

Esther de Groot is meddlesome in the lives of her friends and others. It’s really from her love of a good plot. Esther likes English literature, which is how she became an English major. She prefers a goth style to her look. Despite being a tad dramatic, her friends know Esther is a loyal person who protects those closest to her. Esther is trying to survive college in Giant Days.

Renge from Non Non Biyori Repeat

Renge Miyauchi is a nice, caring girl with huge curiosity. She attends Asahigaoka Branch School, and is an excellent student. Renge enjoys her days in the countryside with her friends, Komari, Hotaru, and Natsumi in Non Non Biyori Repeat.

marvel civilians

Marvel Civilian Disguise

Are you a well-known superhero looking for intel while incognito?  A celebrity crime fighter just trying to have a quiet lunch out on the town?  Then the “I’m Just a Civilian” starter pack is for you!  In almost every Marvel movie, one of our cherished Avengers dons a baseball cap, a hoodie, and a pair of sunglasses to blend in with their surroundings.  Depending on whether you are trying to emulate Tony Stark’s Iron Man, Steve Rogers’ Captain America, or another member of the team, you can play around with the color of your hat, your glasses, and what you wear beneath your hoodie or jacket.  This is a great way to use your favorite superhero t-shirt as part of a simple–but clever–costume.

Alpha from Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko (YKK)

Alpha Hatsuseno is a robot, but a very human-like robot. She displays feelings, such as amazement or embarassement. She lives day to day for the simple things while running a coffee shop, Café Alpha. Her owner went on a trip, and she is living in a world disrupted by environmental disaster. Alpha starts off shy about the outside world, people, and even other robots. As time passes, she slowly builds her confidence in Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (YKK).

Pirate Jenny from HBO’s Watchmen

Pirate Jenny (Jessica Camacho) from the HBO series Watchmen is an anarchist at heart. She has joined The Watchmen to fight for justice by any means necessary. Her style is part functionality and part intimidation factor. A decent amount of crafting will need to go into the headpiece and mask. Luckily it is more ripping and tearing than sewing work.The bleached tee could be cut around the collar and stretched as desired. The fishnet hair net will need to go over your head and can be ripped liberally over the eyes. She has a dark smokey eye shadow peeking through the eye holes in her mask. The key to making this look work is expressing its been worn in. Use a close-up image of her face when making your mask so you can follow all the layers of fishnet and mesh it includes. May need some easy hand sewing for the thin layer of white mesh over her nose and mouth.

Jade Harley from Homestuck

Jade Harley

In the MS Paint Adventures web comic Homestuck, Jade Harley is one of the main characters and the fourth kid to be introduced. The Witch of Space, her Associated Element is Earth, and her Associated Item is Uranium. This is Jade Harley’s outfit when she ascends to god tier.

ms crookshanks from hbo watchmen

Ms. Crookshanks from HBO’s Watchmen

Ms. Crookshanks (played by Sara Vickers) is a devoted servant in HBO’s Watchmen. One of the clone servants of Adrian Veidt, she is an important partner throughout much of his story. Crookshanks is dressed much like a classic maid with a conservative dress, apron, and sensible black heels.

Black Widow Bites

Make Your Own: Black Widow’s Bite

Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, is a trained assassin. She uses her expert hand to hand combat skills to help […]