Loki from Loki (Season 2)

Loki is the main character of the popular Marvel series and we continue to follow this god of mischief through the new season 2. Before in season 1, he wears the iconic TVA uniform, but in this season he wears a brown coat, blue collared shirt, a brown knitted tie, brown pants, and brown boots.

While last season he wears a uniform like the other workers and Mobius, this season he becomes more antiquated and independent while maintaining a similar style beside Mobius who still wears his uniform while at the TVA.


Alexis Kaye, known by her supervillain moniker Punchline, first encountered the Joker when he took over a TV station where she was as part of a field trip.  Soon after, she became obsessed with him and his crimes, even starting a podcast dedicated to them.  She is brutal and sadistic, and works alongside the Joker after his falling out with Harley Quinn.  Punchline has long black hair with bangs that she wears in a high ponytail.  Her villain uniform consists of a black dress over a purple shirt and tights.  She also wears black gloves and thigh-high boots.  Her dress is sometimes fitted, and sometimes flares out more from the hips, so choose the silhouette you prefer.  Finish your costume with a blue belt and some sparsely applied clown makeup.  You can also add colorful details to your gloves, boots, and wig using neon paint markers.

dani from hooky

Daniela Wytte from Hooky

Daniela Wytte, more often called Dani, is the female protagonist of the webtoon Hooky.  She studies magic alongside her twin brother Dorian.  Dani has black hair and often dresses in black and white, which matches her brother’s attire.  To recreate her look, you can wear a black t-shirt style dress with pinstriped leggings, and combat boots.  Accessorize with a white fake collar, black tie, and an oversized white hair bow.  You could also opt for black tights, black ankle boots, and a black long-sleeved dress with a white collar.  Either way, choose a black wig with bangs and trim to your desired length.

Princess Jupiter from Sailor Moon

Jupiter has a slightly different way she wears her hair in her princess dress, as she normally wears a hair tie with plastic balls, but in this form she has a green ribbon worn with a pink rose to tie up her hair.

The green ribbon continues into her outfit as well, with one worn around her neck, further accented by a green teardrop necklace. She also has the symbol for Jupiter on her forehead in green, instead of her usual tiara.  Her princess dress is a multi-tone green v-neck sleeveless dress with ribbon straps, and an open slit in the skirt with a sheer ruffle trim down the leg.

Princess Saturn from Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Saturn looks as she usually does in the series in this illustration, but has the symbol of saturn on her forehead instead of her usual tiara, a deep purple ribbon around her neck, and a matching teardrop necklace.

She is one of two scouts in this set that wear a pair of long gloves to match her dress, the other being Pluto, and her dress, despite being dark purple instead, is styled very similarly as well. She only has one strap on either side of her dress top, but has a pointed midsection on the bodice, and like the other outer scouts, it is open on the sides of the skirt to reveal a lighter purple underskirt that flares out to the ground.

Princess Pluto from Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Pluto has the same lengthy dark green hair as usual, worn partially up in a small bun at the top of her head, with the main differences to this look being the Pluto symbol on her forehead, a long black ribbon around her neck, and a black and gold teardrop necklace.

Her shiny black princess dress is a little bit more elaborate on the straps than the other outer scouts, with her having two thin straps on each side, both of which are decorated with gold fastenings. The bodice of her dress comes up in a point in the middle of her chest, and the rest of it falls in a similar way to Uranus and Saturn’s, with the sides of the skirt cut away to reveal a lighter underskirt layer. She is also one of the two that wear gloves in this form, with hers being a pair of black opera styled ones.


Nimona from Nimona (2023)

Nimona (voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz) is the titular young sidekick of the Netflix adaptation of ND Stevenson’s comic of the same name.  Nimona is a shapeshifter and sidekick to Ballister Boldheart, who is framed for Queen Valerin’s murder.  Nimona can take the form of many animals, but she most often appears as a young human girl.  As a human, Nimona wears brown boots and silver armor beneath a red vest, skirt, and belt.  To recreate her armored shorts, cut a pair of shiny silver leggings to fit.  Then, layer a burgundy skirt and brown belt overtop.  For the rest of her costume, use a brown short-sleeved turtleneck, layer a red tunic over it, and add dragon-scale epaulets to emulate her armor.  You’ll also need to style a short ginger wig and use brown wrappings around your forearms and hands.

Princess Venus from Sailor Moon

Like the others, Venus wears her hair pretty much in the same way as she does in her other forms, with the Venus symbol being the one major difference, as it appears on her forehead in gold.

She has a long bowed golden ribbon worn around her neck and a matching golden teardrop necklace. Her dress is a golden split toned sleeveless dress with ribboned straps, a high waisted top, and lighter toned multilayered ruffled pieces over a golden inner layer.

Ageha Yusa from Yu-Gi-Oh

Ageha Yusa from Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures

Ageha Yusa is a character in the manga Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures.  Ageha competed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship in the series.  She lives in Tokyo with her younger brother.  Ageha has long turquoise hair with side swept bangs.  As an adult, she wears a red cold shoulder sweater, black leggings, and pink ankle booties.  Her accessories include silver triangle earrings and a studded belt which she wears over her hips.  You can use an eyeliner pencil to create the beauty mark under the left eye.

Princess Mars from Sailor Moon

Mars has her usual hair cut and style for her princess look, but has a red mars symbol on her forehead, instead of the tiara.

She wears a red ribbon around her neck and a red teardrop necklace to accompany it. Her dress in this form is a two toned, v-neck sleeveless red dress, with a capelet on the back, and a pleated light red front piece.

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