Kazuma Satou from KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!

Kazuma Satou (voiced by Fukkushima Jun and Arnie Pantoja) is the main character of KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!  Kazuma was a lazy student who loved playing video games.  When he dies, he is transported to a fantasy world where he fights the Devil King alongside his allies Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin.  Kazuma has messy brown hair and wears a white tunic, dark pants, brown boots, and a green cloak.

Oscar Pine from RWBY

Oscar (voiced in Japanese by Rie Kugimiya and in English by Aaron Dismuke) is a later-series main character in the animated online series, RWBY.

He started off the series as a semi-inconsequential farmboy character, and has now joined the main teams due to his role in Ozma’s reincarnation line.

Oscar has short, slightly messy looking black hair, and multicolored hazel-ish eyes, with a splash of freckles all over his face. His outfit has changed drastically over the course of the series, and now he wears a white undershirt with midsection belt pieces and a green long coat with multicolored accents all over it. His pants are simple black slacks, and he wears reddish brown lace up boots with gold tipped toes over the bottom hems. His neck, and presumably going down onto his chest, is covered in thick white bandage wrapping.

Weiss Schnee from RWBY (Volume 9)

Weiss (voiced in Japanese by Yoko Hikasa and in English by Kara Eberle) is one of the acronymic titular characters (W in the title) for the online animation series, RWBY.

Her eyes and hair remain the same as in her other looks as of the series, though her hair is worn in a thick braid now. It is topped with a spiky hair pin at the join of her ponytail, and she wears teardrop pointed red gems for her earrings. Her new outfit is a mix between a coat and a dress, with a dark blue bolero type upper piece, and a light greyish blue dress with a white under layer, topped with a blue midsection piece and a large amounts of belts. It is also connected to her sword holster. The look is finished off with metallic kneecapped heeled boots, and long black gloves.

Blake Belladonna from RWBY

Blake (voiced in Japanese by Yu Shimamura and in English by Arryn Zech) is one of the acronymic titular characters (the R in the title) of the animated online series, RWBY.

While her golden eyes have not changed between her different looks, as of the later volumes, she has embraced her cat ears being out instead of hidden under her bow headband, and she has cut her hair into a choppy shoulder length bob. Her outfit for this season consists of a black bodysuit that comes up to her neck, and leads into heeled boots, with very long zippers starting at the top of her legs. A white coat and grey coat is worn over top, with very long back tails with purple internal lining, and over top she wears a loosely buckled white belt at her waist, and a grey back holster for gambol shroud.

cana from fairy tail

Cana Alberona from Fairy Tail

Cana Alberona (voiced by Eri Kitamura and Jamie Marchi) is a potential S-Class Mage and a member of the Fairy Tail Guild in the manga and anime series Fairy Tail.  She is the daughter of Gildarts Clive.  Cana is a heavy drinker, though she hardly ever becomes intoxicated.  She favors revealing outfits and has her guild mark on her left abdomen.  To create your costume, you’ll need a long brown wig and a temporary tattoo to start.  Complete the look with a navy blue bra top, brown capri pants, a pink belt, and navy blue gladiator sandals.

Neopolitan (Waiter Disguise) from RWBY

In this article I’ll be covering the waiter disguise that Neo wears briefly during Volume 7 of RWBY, when she’s gathering information.

In this disguise, her eyes are a bold green, while her hair is black, worn just down to her shoulders, with choppy bangs held in place by two silver barrettes, and tied in the back in a small ponytail. The outfit consists of a black button up shirt, tied with a black neck ribbon, a black vest, black slacks, and black formal heeled shoes.

Whitley Schnee from RWBY

Whitley (voiced in English by Marina Inoue and in English by Howard Wang) is a secondary character in the online animated series, RWBY.

He is Weiss and Winter’s younger brother, and was initially a bit of an antagonistic character, but has a bit of a change of heart later on and leans more in to helping Weiss and her friends.

Whitley looks just like his sisters in appearance, with icy blue eyes, and pure white hair, though his is worn short and styled. He is usually seen wearing a half-sleeved white shirt, a black tie, a blue vest with a matching pocket square to his tie, dark blue slacks, and black loafers.

Princess Jupiter from Sailor Moon

Jupiter has a slightly different way she wears her hair in her princess dress, as she normally wears a hair tie with plastic balls, but in this form she has a green ribbon worn with a pink rose to tie up her hair.

The green ribbon continues into her outfit as well, with one worn around her neck, further accented by a green teardrop necklace. She also has the symbol for Jupiter on her forehead in green, instead of her usual tiara.  Her princess dress is a multi-tone green v-neck sleeveless dress with ribbon straps, and an open slit in the skirt with a sheer ruffle trim down the leg.

Princess Saturn from Sailor Moon

In Sailor Moon, Saturn looks as she usually does in the series in this illustration, but has the symbol of saturn on her forehead instead of her usual tiara, a deep purple ribbon around her neck, and a matching teardrop necklace.

She is one of two scouts in this set that wear a pair of long gloves to match her dress, the other being Pluto, and her dress, despite being dark purple instead, is styled very similarly as well. She only has one strap on either side of her dress top, but has a pointed midsection on the bodice, and like the other outer scouts, it is open on the sides of the skirt to reveal a lighter purple underskirt that flares out to the ground.

Penny Polendina (Formal Dress) from RWBY

Penny (voiced in English by Taylor McNee and in Japanese by Megumi Han) is an important secondary character in the animated series, RWBY.

This is the formal dress outfit that she wears in the episode ‘Dance Dance Infiltration’ in Volume 2.

Penny has short, bobbed, orange hair, with a large pink hairbow clip at the back, and bright green eyes. We only see a very brief shot of her in this dress, and it’s a bit of a tricky color to match, so I’d recommend very carefully dyeing this white one into a close enough pale green shade. The shoes are a similar color of green, but the chosen ones should match just fine. The dress is finished off with a thin, black band-belt.

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