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Rai from Kingdom Hearts 2

Rai (voiced in Japanese by Kazuya Nakai and in English by Brandon Adams) is a prominent character in the Twilight Town world in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

He, like his friends Fuu and Vivi, are part of Seifer’s self-created and run Disciplinary Committee in Twilight Town. Like the others, he is also a repurposed Final Fantasy character (VIII specifically), though in a much younger role. He’s mainly the muscle of the group, where Fuu is the logic.

Rai has short blackish-brown hair with sideburns and a bit of chin scruff, and similarly colored eyes. He wears a bright orange tank-top with black and white detailing, and a large chain necklace with a lightning bolt at the end. His pants are a pair of black sports sweats, with orange bands running down the sides, and a white outlined number 8 on the leg. The look is finished with blue and white wristbands, and yellow, black, and white shoes.

Ariko Katsuragi/Alice from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Ariko/Alice is the main character of the horror game Alice in Distortionworld/Alice’s Warped Wonderland, though the name is imposed on her as the other characters insist on calling her it.

She fulfills the role of ‘Alice’ in a world that is both Wonderland and her own, but with a much darker twist to it, and the worry of not knowing who to trust. Her guide throughout the world is this story’s iteration of the Cheshire Cat.

Alice has mid-toned brown eyes, and her hair is the same color, reaching down to the middle of her back with short bangs. She wears a red dress with puffed sleeves, a black collar with a matching ribbon, and black lace trim layered around the hems. A white lace-trimmed apron is worn over top, and she has matching socks that she wears with black mary-janes.

David Shield from My Hero Academia

David (voiced in Japanese by Katsuhisa Namase and in English by Ray Chase) is a secondary main character in the first My Hero Academia movie, Two Heroes.

He used to be All Might’s sidekick when they were younger as well as his costume designer, and since went on to being a professional support items scientist. His daughter Melissa is following in his footsteps and studying to be a support specialist for heroes as well.

David has short, semi-messy light brown hair and a matching goatee (I had some difficulties with the wig, hopefully this will be a good enough one to style like his hair), and his eyes are a tealish-aqua color, which he wears dark blue glasses over. His main outfit is a dark navy button-up shirt, light greyish-blue pants with a dark brown belt holding them up. His shoes are a pair of sneakers in red, white, and blueish-grey, and he also wears both a black wristwatch and a wedding ring on the same arm.

Cheshire from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Cheshire is a main character in the video game Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld.

He, like most other characters bearing the same name, is both a guide to Alice and an annoyance. They spend most of the game together, getting into various harrowing situations both involving him and caused by him.

We never see him with his hood down, so his outfit consists of an extremely long floor length grey robe with very long sleeves, and a long thin red ribbon attached to a golden bell. The little we can see of his face with a large smattering of freckles, and an extremely wide smile with dirty, sharp teeth.

Neopolitan (School Disguise) from RWBY

Neo is a major antagonist in the online series RWBY, created by Rooster Teeth. While she doesn’t speak, she does technically have some small sounds that she makes, which are provided by Casey Lee Williams in English, and by Konomi Fujimura in Japanese.

She has the ability to change her appearance into whatever she wishes, due to her Semblance ‘Overactive Imagination’, and uses this for many infiltration purposes. During volume 3, she joins in with the rest of Cinder’s team to sneak into Beacon and take part in the Vytal Festival Tournament, though we only see her in this disguise in one very brief scene.

Neo’s normally tri-colored hair is changed to black for this disguise, and worn up in two long pigtails, tied with white bows. Her eyes are green upon first seeing her, but right at the moment of attack, she lets her heterochromia show, and you can see her pink and brown eyes again. Her shirt is a black, sleeveless crop stop with a high collar, tied with a black ribbon, and topped with white ruffle accents. The bottom half appears to be a black and white paneled skirt (the angle makes it very difficult to tell if they’re shorts or a skirt), with a white belt at the top and white ribbon detailing along the side. The outfit is finished off with elbow-length black gloves, white and black leg warmers, and black boots with her symbol on the bottom.

Xion (Casual Outfit) from Kingdom Hearts III

Xion (voiced in Japanese by Risa Uchida and in English by both Alyson Stoner and Hayden Panettiere) is one of the main important characters in the Kingdom Hearts game franchise, specifically 358/2 Days. This article will be focusing on her outfit specifically in KH3, please go here to find her Organization cloak version.

For this outfit, her hair and eyes are the same as shown in her 358/2 Days appearance. During the end of KH3, she changes into a black dress similar in form to Kairi’s KH3 outfit, with a grey pleated skirt. She’s also exchanged her Organization XIII boots for black boots with a light topper ring, and metal studded bands around the top of the foot.

Roxas from Kingdom Hearts

Roxas (voiced in Japanese by Kōki Uchiyama and in English by Jesse McCartney) is the starting main character/main playable character in both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. This article is focusing on his organization uniform, if you want his Twilight Town outfit, that’s found here.

He is number XIII (13) in the original Organization XIII, with the title ‘Key of Destiny’, and was created when Sora unlocked his heart in KH1. He is very determined to be seen as his own person, despite where he came from, and has become very close friends with two of the other members of the Organization, Axel and Xion.

Roxas has extremely spiky golden blonde hair and deep blue eyes. While in the Organization, he wears their standard long black cloak, with matching gloves, loose legged black pants, and silver tipped rounded off black boots. He is able to dual-wield keyblades, and the two that he uses are Oathkeeper and Oblivion.

Sigma from Bungo Stray Dogs

Sigma (voiced in Japanese by Shōya Chiba and in English by Cory Yee) is a major character in the most recent arc of the Bungo Stray Dogs anime/manga series.

We’re first introduced to him as the manager of the Sky Casino, which he takes great pride in, as he’s trying to put on a front as a successful business owner despite having no idea what he’s doing. It’s later revealed that he is part of the Decay of Angels, along with Fyodor, Nikolai, and Bram.

Sigma has shaggily cut split toned hair, in white and pale lavender, and his eyes are a light pinkish color. He wears a predominantly black, white, and grey outfit, with a long sleeved black turtleneck as a base layer, with a white button-up shirt over top, tied with a light grey tie, finished off with a long white jacket with black and grey straps and trims, and a black lined tailcoat (more detailed in the manga). The rest of the outfit is a simple pair of black slacks, grey and white shoes, and white dangling earrings.

Rei Todoroki from My Hero Academia

Rei (voiced in Japanese by Michiko Neya and in English by Morgan Garrett) is a secondary character in the anime/manga series My Hero Academia.

She is Shoto Todoroki and his sibling’s mother, and where some of them get their ice quirks from. Up until recently in the series she was recovering from the intense mental toll her husband’s behavior towards their family took on her, away from all of them.

For this article I’ve chosen an outfit that she wears in the newest part of the anime, as most of her other ones aren’t fully visible. Rei has long white hair with short bangs, and brownish-grey eyes, which stays mostly consistent throughout most of her appearances. In this outfit, she wears a long, slightly v-necked grey blue dress with 3/4 sleeves, with black tights, and dark brown simple loafers.

Xion from Kingdom Hearts

Xion (voiced in Japanese by Risa Uchida and in English by both Alyson Stoner and Hayden Panettiere) is one of the main important characters in the Kingdom Hearts game franchise, specifically 358/2 Days. If you would like her KH3 outfit, please check out this article here.

She is a part of Organization XIII, but never had an official title, as she was a created being meant to siphon the ability to wield the keyblade. Over time, she grew stronger and became more of her own person, to the point in KH3 where she was finally able to join Axel (now Lea) and Roxas for a happy ending with the others.

Xion has black hair, worn in a very reminiscent style of Kairi’s first game haircut, and vibrant deep blue eyes. She wears the standard Organization XIII cloak, with hers being a bit more form fitted, as well as black gloves, black fitted pants, and black heeled boots with a silver trim. She is able to wield the Kingdom Key keyblade.

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