Pim from Smiling Friends

“Let’s go out there and make people smile!” Pim is one of the main characters in the Adult Swim cartoon Smiling Friends, now streaming on HBO Max. He is a small purple critter who radiates positivity and happiness, although sometimes he can be gullible and unobservant. He works at Smiling Friends alongside his best friend Charlie. Optimistic and joyful, Pim loves helping friends, family, and strangers alike. Pim has an Australian accent.

Rosa Casagrandes from The Casagrandes

Rosa “Rosita” Casagrande (voiced by Sonia Manzano) is a character from the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Casagrandes.  She is the mother of Maria and the grandmother of the Casagrande children, including Bobby and Ronnie Anne.  Rosa is a loving grandmother who enjoys cooking for her family even if she often goes overboard in her preparation.  Rosa has dark hair she wears pulled back with a sage green hair tie.  Her outfit consists of a navy dress with a white collar and sleeves, black shoes, and a sage green apron.  She also wears gold earrings.  To create your costume, you can layer a plain navy dress over a Peter Pan collar blouse to emulate her dress and then add your accessories.

Charlie from Smiling Friends

Charlie is one of the main characters in the Adult Swim cartoon Smiling Friends, now streaming on HBO Max. He is a yellow critter with a laidback and nonchalant personality. He works at Smiling Friends alongside his best friend, Pim. While appreciative of Pim’s constant positivity, Charlie provides a more realistic perspective on things. His approach to helping others is more sensible and grounded, but can also come off as lazy and cynical.

ennui from inside out 2

Ennui from Inside Out 2

Ennui (voiced by Adèle Exarchopoulos) encapulates the boredom of Riley Anderson as she transitions into her teenage years in Inside Out 2.  Ennui enjoys spending time on her phone and lounging on the couch.  She is not a fan of Joy‘s use of nicknames or Envy‘s enthusiasm.  To build your costume as Ennui, you’ll want to start with a comfy dark blue sweatsuit and grey socks.  You can paint your face with blue-grey paint.  Rather than paint your hands, you can choose a light grey pair of gloves.  Complete your look using a long, dark blue wig with bangs.

Rudy from Fat Albert

Rudy from Fat Albert

In Fat Albert, Rudolph “Rudy” Davis (voiced by Eric Suter) is a member of the Junkyard Gang. He is the sharpest dresser and considers himself the smoothest talker. Although he can play the electric guitar, when in the Junkyard Band he prefers to use a makeshift banjo constructed with a broomstick and thread spool.

embarrassment from inside out 2

Embarrassment from Inside Out 2

Embarrassment (voiced by Paul Walter Hauser) is a character in Inside Out 2.  Embarrassment joins Ennui, Envy, and Anxiety as the newest additions to Riley Anderson tumultuous cast of emotions.  His personality aligns well with his name, and he is shown to be awkward and shy.  Embarrassment has pale pink skin and brighter pink hair.  He wears a light purple hoodie pulled up over his head and covering his mouth, as well as purple pants and red shoes.

envy from inside out 2

Envy from Inside Out 2

Envy (voiced by Ayo Edebiri) is a new emotion in the Pixar animated film Inside Out 2.  As Riley Anderson gets older, new emotions appear inside her mind.  Among these is Envy, a small, teal emotion constantly enamored of others.  Envy has light teal skin and darker hair held back with purple clips.  She wears a light purple polka dot dress with a magenta collar over a pair of dark purple leggings and deep teal boots.  Once you assemble your costume, complete your look by wearing teal gloves and painting your face with teal body paint.

Yoshino Fujieda from digimon data squad

Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda from Digimon Data Squad

Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda (voiced by Yui Aragaki and Colleen O’Shaughnessey) is a character in the anime series Digimon Data Squad.  She is a team member of Thomas N. Norstein and Marcus Damon.  Yoshi is the eldest member of DATS.  She is rather mature for her age and views herself as an older sister figure for her teammates.  Yoshi has short red hair and favors an outfit that consists of a pink tank top, light blue capris, and high top sneakers, with a red belt.

anxiety from inside out 2

Anxiety from Inside Out 2

Anxiety (voiced by Maya Hawke) is a character from the Pixar film Inside Out 2. As one of Riley Andersen‘s newest emotions, Anxiety joins the likes of Joy, Anger, and Disgust as Riley transitions into adolescence.  Anxiety’s personality suits the emotion she represents and she strives to control her environment (and Riley) in order to keep her anxious feelings at bay.  Anxiety’s color palette is orange and brown.  She has orange skin and hair, wears an orange and white striped turtleneck, brown slacks, and brown boots.  You can choose to paint your face orange if you want to truly embody the emotion’s look.

zatch bell from zatch bell!

Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell (voiced by Ikue Ôtani and Debi Derryberry) is the titular character in the manga and anime series Zatch Bell! Zatch is the son of the King of the Demon World.  He has lost his memory and works with his partner Kiyomaro Takamine to become Mamodo King.  Zatch is young and can be somewhat childish, but has a good heart.  Zatch has blonde hair and wears a blue cloak and matching blue boots, as well as an oversized bow tie with a gold gem.

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