Couples Costume Ideas for 2020

2020 has been a strange year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up this Halloween. And how better to do it than with someone special, whether a friend or a partner? These twelve costumes are pulled from the most popular media of late 2019 and what we’ve seen so far in 2020.

Some of the couples are romantic while others run the range from best friends to all-out enemies. After all, who says a costume for two has to be all hearts and roses?

The Witcher

Yennefer and Geralt from The Witcher

A lot of people were sad to see Game of Thrones end. Thankfully The Witcher stepped on the scene to take its place. The show offers a lot of different costume potentials but the most obvious duo is Yennefer and Geralt. Mighty magic wielder and brash brooding soldier is always a good combination!

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Tiger King

Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic

Remember when we said some of the couples on this list are flat-out enemies? We weren’t kidding! It seems like everyone has seen Tiger King so dressing up as Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic is sure to get a big reaction!

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Hamilton and Schuyler Sisters

From the Broadway musical Hamilton, you could pair up Alexander Hamilton with 2/3rds of the Schuyler Sisters. But for our money, the best pairing has to be the passionate Hamilton and the fiery King George III.

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Frozen 2

Anna and Kristoff in Frozen 2

Frozen was a pop culture hit in 2013. Frozen 2 didn’t make quite the same splash in 2020 but that hasn’t stopped fans from loving the story’s continuation. And that’s good news for Halloween this year! Whether you dress up as sisters Elsa and Anna or go the romantic route with Anna and Kristoff (or Induna and Agnarr) your costume is sure to be a smash!

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Knives Out

Marta and Ransom from Knives Out

If you want a comfortable costume that isn’t your traditional couple, try Marta Cabrera and Ransom Drysdale from the smash hit movie, Knives Out. Sure, he tried to frame her for murder. And, yeah, she got him thrown in prison. But the snark potential between these two alone makes it a winning combination. If your group has more than two people you can even check out the rest of the cast as a great group costume!

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Harley Quinn the Animated Series

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have both been costume party staples for years. But the Harley Quinn animated series has created new potential for them as a couple’s costume! Season 2 saw everyone’s two favorite villainesses finally admitting the feelings for one another that fans had seen brewing since season one. Hey, something good had to happen in 2020, right?

If the versions linked above aren’t the exact versions you’re looking for, check out our other Harley and Ivy costume ideas!

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Trolls World Tour

Branch and Poppy from Trolls World Tour

We all might be tired of hearing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” on the radio but there’s no denying almost everyone was in love with the song when it first dropped along with Trolls back in 2016. And while Trolls World Tour hasn’t produced a bop of quite the same crowd-pleasing power, it did brighten our days when it dropped earlier this year. What better way to celebrate than to dress up as Branch and Poppy?

If you want to go a little more old school – and you’re feeling a little daring – you can also dress up as a troll doll!

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The Lovebirds

Leilani and Jibran from The Lovebirds

If you want a couple’s costume that really says you know how to have a wild night, look no further than Leilani and Jibran from The Lovebirds. What should be a normal date night turns into absolute chaos for a couple just looking to enjoy their night. Hopefully your night is a little more, let’s say, manageable than what these two go through!

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To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a romance series that tells the tale of Lara Jean Song-Covey, a shy teen who writes five letters to boys she’s had crushes on, never intending to send them. Of course, they all end up in the boys’ hands, forcing Lara Jean to face her fears and feelings. One of the recipients, John Ambrose McClaren, expresses his interest, which complicates her relationship with boyfriend Peter Kavinsky.

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A few centuries are nothing to keep apart 1940s nurse Claire Randall and her love, the dashing Highland warrior Jamie Fraser. If you prefer Claire in her Scottish period dress, check out this advanced DIY tutorial on making her Highland dress.

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Emma and Mr. Knightley from Emma 2020

For the last few years, theaters have been dominated by superheroes and animated features. But a few other genres have gotten a foothold. And with 2020’s Emma, adaptations of period literature is one of those genres. The costumes are a little more involved than most but dressing up as Emma and Mr. Knightley will land you costumes that are not only gorgeous but unique!

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Wanda Maximoff and Vision in WandaVision

The show isn’t out yet but that shouldn’t stop you from dressing up as Wanda Maximoff and Vision from the upcoming Disney+ show WandaVision. Set some time after the events of Endgame, the show’s preview gave fans a range of looks for both Wanda and Vision. Of course you can also grab one of their looks from the movies, too!

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Bill and Ted Face the Music

Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted Face the Music

Want an absolutely radical costume? How about a costume that’s a little tongue-in-cheek with a touch of nostalgia. Bill and Ted have got you covered. Or check out Bill and Ted“>their original costumes from back in ’89 and ’91) It’s been a while since we’ve seen these two on screen together but 2020 is the year that they “Face the Music” and we could not be more excited.

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Tuca and Bertie

Tuca and Bertie from Tuca and Bertie

If you’ve got a taste for adult animation and you haven’t checked out Tuca and Bertie yet, you need to. Not only do Tuca and Bertie make for unique costumes but the cast is packed with top-tier comedians and whole lot of talent!

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Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Sam and Bucky from Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Avengers: Endgame left a lot of people with a whole lot of mixed feelings about the MCU. But whether you loved or hated the movie, you have to admit that Sam and Bucky are two of the best things to come out the other side of it. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one of the most-anticipated spin-off shows and for good reason. These two are huge fan favorites and seeing them take on Zemo again is sure to be amazing.

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Halloween in 2020 is going to be different from what most people are used to. But it can still be just as fun. You can lean heavy on decoration and food to give your costumes a little more intensity. Don’t miss our best group costume ideas for 2020. Or you can check out these costumes from 2019, 2018, and beyond to relive some good old days.

Just remember to stay safe and have fun!

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