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Bombshell Poison Ivy

…In DC Bombshells, Poison Ivy uses her botanist skills to grow plants in winter and feed the Russians during WWII. She also used her skills to create a perfume to defeat the Nazis, but her skin turned green as a result. In this depiction, she is modeled after 1940’s pinups, complete with victory rolls in her hair. The key to her costume is the ivy accents, so get creative with makeup, temporary tattoos, or floral ivy to complete the look….

Poison Ivy from DC Universe

Poison Ivy is a character in the DC Universe animated series Harley Quinn. She has the ability to control plant life, and owns a greenhouse in her apartment. A talkative Venus Flytrap named Frank the Plant provides comic relief. In the first episode, she convinces Harley that the Joker is more in love with capturing Batman than with her. While she matches Harley’s sassy and headstrong personality, she keeps a more level head and knows how to rein…

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, who was once known as botanist Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, uses her knowledge of plants to produce toxins and mind-controlling pheromones to help her get away with her crimes. Together with Harley Quinn, they become one of Batman’s most powerful foes….


Ivy (Drew Barrymore) is the sexy teen who seduces her best friend’s father in 1992’s Poison Ivy. Her character set off the rest of the series that would often replace the main female protagonist in each sequel. Ivy is a troubled teen living with her irresponsible Aunt, who is soon pitied by her best friend and taken in. Everyone overlooks her continuously flirting with her friend’s Father, and instead becomes entranced by her beauty and charisma….

Dr. Pamela Isley

…h I looked up to the character in general during my childhood). Aside from Poison Ivy‘s main costume, I decided to take a turn towards her laboratory uniform as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley since I find it sexier, and less cheesy. It’s one tutorial that’s easy to start, and perfect for a last minute idea. You could literally go to Wal-Mart and buy these items for less than $20 (then proceed to distress the clothing if I may so add). The items needed a…

Most Popular Cosplays of Reddit in 2019

…he box office with the Avengers titles, but the classic DC characters like Poison Ivy continue to be get much love in the cosplay scene. See Poison Ivy costume guide 22. Sub-Zero From the fighting game Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero is a powerful warrior who has the power to control ice, using it to help defeat his opponents is gruesome ways. See Sub-Zero costume guide Want to see how past years compare with 2019? Check out our articles on the most Googl…

Couple Costumes for Valentine’s Day 2021

…Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy There are so many versions of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. And that’s part of the appeal! You and your partner can each pick the version that suits you best and still make up one of DC’s cutest couples. A Disney Princess and Her Love If you’re a Disney fan there’s a good chance you have a favorite princess. What better costume can you ask for on Valentine’s than a princess and her true love? Wanda and Vision WandaVision…

Couples Costume Ideas for 2020

…ves Out costumes… Harley Quinn the Animated Series Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have both been costume party staples for years. But the Harley Quinn animated series has created new potential for them as a couple’s costume! Season 2 saw everyone’s two favorite villainesses finally admitting the feelings for one another that fans had seen brewing since season one. Hey, something good had to happen in 2020, right? If the versions linked above aren’t t…

Harley Quinn

…Poor Dr. Harleen Quinzel, sometimes even psychiatrists break. After falling for The Joker and changing her name to Harley Quinn, the peppy sidekick became a loyal follower to the psychotic villain. When she’s not swooning over the Joker, you can find Harley hanging with best gal pal Poison Ivy or coming up with some clever disguise….

Harley Quinn from DC Universe

…Harley Quinn is the protagonist of her own self titled series on DC Universe. You might recognize her voice actress, Kaley Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory. After splitting up with the Joker, Harley forms her own league of villains, including King Shark, Clayface, Doctor Psycho, and Cy Borgman. The show follows her misadventures of taking down the Joker. Eventually, Harley develops a romantic relationship with Poison Ivy….