Ellie from The Last of Us

Ellie from The Last of Us

In the Playstation 3 game The Last of Us, a 20-year pandemic has decimated civilization, leaving infected humans and survivors to kill each other for food and weapons. 14-year-old Ellie is prepared to escape the quarantine zone and cross the post-apocalyptic landscape – after all, she's brought an empty backpack!

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  1. We want Joel :)

  2. Im just wondering where i could get the hoodie or coat that ellie wears when they reach jackson county because i really like it, its the purple white and balck one :)

  3. Where can you get the red t shirt?

    • Author

      Nice find. Although you don’t get to live in the wild and weather it yourself — where’s the fun in that?

    • AllyDawson11 February 19, 2014 Reply

      This shirt is very accurate considering the circumstances of them being in a apocalyptic world. I wear it at comic-con when I cosplay as Ellie.

  4. Hey, thanks for this! I don’t cosplay but for some reason Ellie’s plain sort of style caught my eye. Of course it would be the only choice she had living in a world with limited clothes. I’m not one to jazz myself up and I really loved her T-shirt for some reason haha. I was just wondering if you knew where I could get her shirt that she wears in Spring when they enter Salt Lake City. I would of been able to get one a while ago when that sort of thing was in fashion but recently I haven’t been able to find the shirt anywhere. And thanks for linking the DGK hoodie in response to Daisy. I’ve been trying to look for the jacket everywhere but the closest I found was this http://www.snowfusion.co.uk/Nikita-Monarch-Womens-Snow-Jacket/19558snf.htm . But of course it’s a winter snow jacket. The hoodie seems like the closest we’re gonna get haha. So thanks for posting this and it’d be great if you could link the shirt or one similar if you know of one. Thanks :)

  5. That’s the one! I was trying to get a decent picture of it but couldn’t find one. It’s such a simple piece of clothing but I can’t seem to find one anywhere haha.

  6. I cant find the backpack anymore is there any other link or other similar backpacks to that?

    • Author

      Thanks for the heads up. We updated the backpack and added the pilot wings pin for it.

    • AllyDawson11 February 19, 2014 Reply

      Well in the actual gameplay Ellie’s backpack is relatively smaller than Joel’s backpack. So if your looking for accuracy that’s close…

  7. Hey, I bought that backpack and it was actually really bad quality– *very* small and made out of crinkly nylon, with black straps no wider than an inch. It doesn’t resemble Ellie’s very well at all; do you have any other suggestions?

    • Author

      Hey Eve, sorry about that. The original backpack, which was a great match, ran out of stock. We thought that one (for reference, Bags for Less nylon backpack) would be a good alternative, but apparently not.

      Vigilante is coming out with a replica backpack that I’m sure will look great, but it won’t be out till mid-November and costs $150.

      The Everest Classic Backpack looks close and has good ratings. Based on your report, we’ll update the guide with it.

  8. At the end of the game, Ellie was wearing a red plaid zip up jacket. Does anyone have a link to buy that kind of jacket?

  9. The red shirt seems to be gone now, any ideas on where to find another one??

  10. Author

    Check out this awesome Ellie backpack by Kayla.

  11. I bought the backpack for fourteen dollars at Walmart^^ My dad sewed the purple monster keychain up for me!:D He’s probably gonna be Joel at Comic Con this year since he has a beard.XD

  12. For Ellie’s Fall Jacket, there’s a windbreaker from Zumiez that pretty closely relates to her jacket, although the top is Salmon Pink opposed to Purple and the bottom is Grey opposed to Brown. I’ve looked all over for this top and this seems to be the closest I can find that isn’t too heavy of a coat. Here’s the link to those who’d like to view it: http://www.zumiez.com/zine-womens-coral-light-grey-and-dark-grey-windbreaker-jacket.html

  13. http://shop.naughtydog.com/ is now selling her Fall jacket, as well as her original shirt. :)

  14. TacoTuesday, Baby December 18, 2017 Reply

    thank you for Joel and Ellie!
    now I can make a comic of the last of us!
    if you want to check it out you can but don’t follow me or like them (unless you like it but don’t please): twitter.com/KewlGamerPlayz

  15. Shrimp doodle August 3, 2018 Reply

    When I go to shop naughty dog it won’t let me go in. Can someone help me out?

  16. This bag is so cool XD

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