Cosplay at Katsucon 2024

Cosplay at Katsucon 2024

Another February has come and gone, which means another Katsucon has occurred. Thousands of cosplayers converged at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center to celebrate cosplay, gaming, and Japanese culture.

Compared to prior years, where anime dominated the cosplay scene, Katsucon 2024 had more variety. The most popular fandoms included Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss, Baldur’s Gate 3, One Piece, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Disney. Cosplay Meetups, both official and unofficial, had great turnouts. And the Cosplay Couture Gala is a showcase of stunning craftsmanship that no attendee should miss.

Carbon Costume noted the most impressive, iconic, and hilarious cosplays of the weekend. If you recognize someone, tag them!

With X-Men ’97 plus Deadpool and Wolverine around the corner, X-Men cosplay may just be back in style, such as this awesome Cable cosplay.

Have you practiced your Spanish today? The Duolingo owl (@raimentsbymiranda) will make sure you do!

The future is bright with these Steven Universe cosplays of White Diamond (@moone.shifter) and Steven (@dreamaswefall).

Guardians of the Galaxy – and Katsucon. These Drax, Star-Lord, and Gamora cosplays are super!

Enter the world of Avatar with this amazing Kiri cosplay.

And now, the other Avatar series – these Sokka, Katara, and Zuko cosplays elevate the animated designs. The 2024 live action Avatar series is now streaming on Netflix.

The cosplay builds from Monster Hunter were seriously impressive.

It’s always fun to see a culturally relevant cosplay at conventions, such as Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Pokemon is a staple fandom for cosplay. These fairy designs of Eevee and Leafeon offer an enchanting rendition.

What a bizarre adventure at Katsucon – Jojo’s was quite a popular fandom! Featuring Whitesnake (@tafkardesign), Trish Una,  Bruno Buccirati (@, & more.

Cosplayer Félicia Dussault /Darkarnival Butler is ready for the Rave’N dance as Wednesday Addams from the Netflix series.

Jujutsu Kaisen has become (and predictably will continue to be) one of the most popular animes in cosplay. It isn’t just about the heroes though – check out villians Jogo and Hanami.

Just because newer animes trend doesn’t mean the OG ones are any less popular, as shown by this DragonBall Z cosplay crew.

An awesome build of Alphonse from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. 

Some 90s nostalgia with this Legends of the Hidden Temple group cosplay. The Kirk Fogg used our Kirk Fogg costume guide to assemble his cosplay!

This Cardcaptor Sakura (@gothicci_cosplay) cosplay is absolutely magical!

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes put The Hunger Games back on the map. Check out these Coriolanus Snow (@cosplaybysab) and Lucy Gray Baird ( cosplays.

These SIX the Musical cosplays are pure royalty! Featuring two alternate designs & Anne Boleyn (@regalreigncosplays).

This spot-on Rufio cosplay from Hook makes us want to yell “Bangarang!”

Do you wanna build a snowman with these Anna (@jennyjuiceboxxx7) and Elsa (@natkid) cosplayers?

Hazbin Hotel was extremely popular in this year’s cosplay scene. (Picture taken from Katsucon Facebook Group)

This cosplay gets a “Yes Chef!” from us.

The Loki variants are everywhere at conventions, such as this Kid Loki cosplay (plus Alligator Loki)

Cosplay Meetups

This year, the Katsucon Cosplay meetups were huge, spanning across many different fandoms. Official meetups were listed in the guidebook, but unofficial meetups took place as well. There were even meetups for swapping badge ribbons and Valentines.

Pictured above: DC Comics meetup. See all DC costumes…

Pictured above: Monster High meetup. See all Monster High costumes…

Pictured above: Baldur’s Gate 3 meetup. See all Baldur’s Gate costumes…

Cosplay Couture/Met Gala

The Cosplay Couture Gala, referred to in the Guidebook as the Cosplay Met Gala, is a special meetup coordinated and hosted by Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay.  This large-scale meetup celebrates a harmony of high-fashion, creativity, inventiveness, and craftsmanship. All designs are original, with a strong emphasis on elevated uniqueness. 2024’s theme was “Wild Earth.”

Participants walked down a runway to a cheering crowd of onlookers. From left to right: A Rococo Bulbasaur, an original design of the Zodiac sign Taurus, a beautiful periwinkle piece, and an interpretation of Legend of Korra’s spirits Raava and Vaatu.

After the runway presentation, the gala becomes a mixer between the participants and audience. These Mr. Heat Miser and Mr. Snow Miser cosplayers posed for a picture with spot on character expressions!

This cosplayer should be as proud as a peacock with this level of artistry!

This Pomni cosplay looks set to welcome you to the Amazing Digital Circus forever…and ever…

Already getting the post-Katsucon blues? Read our article covering the cosplay from 2023’s event here!

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