A WandaVision Halloween Costume Spectacular

WandaVision Halloween Costumes

Marvel fans looking for fantastic costumes have their hands full with WandaVision on Disney+. Every episode brings a new era and new costumes. But the show’s sixth episode gave fans the perfect group Halloween costume: the Maximoff family and their friends watching on the other side of the Hex’s boundaries!

Wanda from WandaVision

Wanda Maximoff

Her ’80s mom outfit was cute and her hair was gorgeous! But her comic-inspired Halloween outfit really stole the show. Whichever one you prefer, check them out here!

Vision's Halloween Costume from WandaVision

Vision’s Halloween Costume

Pietro has just as many looks as his wife. His Halloween costume was something else, though. It is exactly what a ’90s dad would wear while channeling a comic book superhero!

Pietro from WandaVision

Pietro Maximoff

He might not look the way we remember him from Age of Ultron, but Pietro makes it back to town in time for Halloween. He’s the sounding board his sister needs, at least at first. And of course his style inspires his nephew Tommy who copies his look – and calls back to his costume as Speed in the comics – while Billy channels Wiccan’s look.

Tommy and Billy from WandaVision

Tommy and Billy Maximoff

You can check out their costumes here!


Dr. Darcy Lewis

She might not be inside the Hex with the rest of the family but Darcy is their most attentive fan. Or ally, depending on how you look at things. Her long history with Thor and the world of superheroes gives her perspective as unique as her style is classic.

Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau stole the hearts of MCU fans as Maria’s daughter in Captain Marvel. And she broke them in the episode that finally revealed what happened to Monica – and her mother – during The Blip.

Of course she wasted no time getting right back to work. That dedication landed her in The Hex until her memory reacted to Wanda’s memories of her brother. Shaking Wanda’s control got her banished from The Hex, but not before she delivered some of the best fashion in the show!

Agent Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo has been a fan favorite since Ant-Man and the WaspWandaVision finally got him back in front of audiences and it only got better from there. He’s the voice of reason in the group dedicated to finding out the truth behind The Hex and his style reflects that. But don’t let the G-Man sui fool you. He’s got some pretty sweet card tricks up those sleeves.

WandaVision is like cosplay catnip with a ton of great options for cosplayers at all levels. It fits right in with the rest of the MCU properties that have had fans hooked for more than a decade. From beginner to advanced there’s something there for everyone!

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