Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Inko (voiced in Japanese by Aya Kawakami and in English by Jessica Cavanagh) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime/manga My Hero Academia.

She is Izuku Midoriya's mother, and is very protective of him due to him being born without a Quirk, as well as being extremely reckless once he gets OFA passed down to him from All Might. We do not know much about her Quirk outside of it enabling her to pull small objects towards her, the name is currently unknown.

Inko has matching colored dark green hair and eyes, similar to her son, though hers are more grey-toned. She is often seen wearing a white undershirt, with a pinky-peach toned sweater over top, a blue skirt, and her shoes are often not seen, but she does have a pair of dark brown slip-ons.

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