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Peyton from Platonic

Peyton (played by Emily Kimball) is a character on the Apple TV show Platonic.  Peyton is the much younger girlfriend of Will, who he begins dating following his divorce.  She also babysits Sylvia‘s children.  Peyton has platinum blonde hair and dresses fashionably even when hiking.  She wears a number of different outfits in the series, but for her birthday, she dons embellished jeans, chunky white heels, and a sparkly purple top.  She finishes the look with pink eyeliner, silver hoop earrings, and a rhinestone belt.

Will from Platonic

Will (played by Seth Rogen) is one half of the friendly duo at the heart of the Apple TV show Platonic.  Will works as a brewmaster for Lucky Penny, a brewery funded primarily by his ex-wife’s step-brother.  He reconnects with Sylvia following his divorce and briefly dates Peyton.  Will dresses pretty outlandishly throughout the series, including donning a bright red jumpsuit following a trip to chain restaurant Johnny 66.  Will wears hip glasses and woven slip-on shoes with most of his outfits, including a green bomber jacket with the Lucky Penny logo on the back and his name embroidered on the front.

sylvia from platonic

Sylvia from Platonic

Sylvia (played by Rose Byrne) is a married mother of three who reconnects with her friend Will following his divorce to kick off the Apple TV series Platonic.  Though she is typically level-headed and responsible, she and Will often find themselves in somewhat ridiculous situations, which can cause tension in her other relationships.  Sylvia wears a number of different outfits throughout the show, including a mustard-colored sweater that makes more than one appearance, and a practical brown leather purse.  After a trip to a Johnny 66, she wears a trucker hat, black crop top, and black high-waisted shorts.  When she meets the owner of the franchise later, she wears a blue and white dotted dress with her mustard sweater layered over top.  She tends to favor gold earrings to accessorize her outfits.

brad bakshi from mythic quest

Brad Bakshi from Mythic Quest

Brad Bakshi (played by Daniel Pudi) is the head of monetization for the game developer in the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.  Unlike his co-workers, Brad has no interest in video games and instead is concerned only about money, which often puts him at odds with head engineer Poppy Li, how is more concerned with the game flow and playability.  He has also come into conflict with C.W. Longbottom after playing a nasty prank on the older man.  Brad dresses in business casual attire, preferring comfortable sweaters layered over his collared shirts.  His more preppy looks helps to set him apart from the creative development team members.

dana from mythic quest

Dana from Mythic Quest

Dana (played by Imani Hakim) is one of the game testers for the Mythic Quest video game in the Apple TV+ series of the same name.  Dana’s fellow game tester Rachel has a crush on her and the two eventually end up dating.  Dana’s job consists of a lot of time on a couch,  playing video games, and so she dresses for comfort.  Her hair is worn in long braids and a pair of colorful, oversized headphones will complete the look.

rachel from mythic quest

Rachel from Mythic Quest

Rachel (played by Ashley Burch) is a neurotic, over-analyzing video game tester in the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.  Rachel has a crush on fellow tester Dana, though she hesitates to make a move in their relationship.  At one point, in order to save Dana’s job, Rachel works with Brad Bakshi.  Rachel has a colorful, asymmetric haircut and often sports flannel shirts layered over a graphic tee while she works testing the latest game improvements.

cw longbottom from mythic quest

C.W. Longbottom from Mythic Quest

C.W. Longbottom (played by F. Murray Abraham) is a Nebula Award-winning writer thrust into the world of game development in the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.  C.W. is a master of his craft and sets out to imbue each game release with a a richly detailed backstory, sometimes to the detriment of the production process, much to the chagrin of both Poppy Li and Ian Grimm.  C.W.’s wardrobe harkens back to the bygone era in which he still feels rooted, favoring turtlenecks, blazers, and scarves over his co-w0rkers’ much more casual attire.

poppy li from mythic quest

Poppy Li from Mythic Quest

Poppy Li (played by Charlotte Nicdao) is the intelligent lead engineer behind a popular MMORPG game in the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.  Often butting heads with Ian Grimm, Poppy is equally as ambitious, though sometimes better suited to her coding work than interpersonal relationships.  Poppy is Australian and often uses slang words from her home country’s dialect that stump her co-workers.  She is fond of shades of red and burgundy, favoring comfortable outfits and Converse sneakers, as well as sporting a pair of round glasses.

Rebecca Welton

Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham) is a character in the soccer comedy-drama, Ted Lasso. As a result of her divorce settlement, she becomes the new owner of AFC Richmond. She initially planned to destroy the team out of revenge against her husband, but Ted‘s kindness and compassion changes her path. Structured blazers and sleeveless shift dresses exudes power in her wardrobe. Pair this dress with a sensible pair of high heels.

ian grimm from mythic quest

Ian Grimm from Mythic Quest

Ian Grimm (played by Rob McElhenney) is the narcissistic video game creator at the heart of the Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest.  As the Creative Director for a popular MMORPG game, Ian often butts heads with his lead engineer Poppy Li and other members of the team.  Ian has a dark beard and wears primarily black and charcoal colored clothing, he also dons a number of chunky silver rings and beaded bracelets to complete his look.

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