Cosplayer Wishlists for Christmas 2019

We asked our favorite cosplayers what they were asking Santa for this holiday season. Whether a costume-making material or tool, a cosplay prop they’ve had their eye on, or just anything fun, here’s what’s at the top of their wishlists this Christmas.

Rox cosplay from Fortnite by hannaheva

@hannaheva: This year Iā€™m asking Santa for an embroidery machine, because I can never have enough detail. šŸ˜«šŸ˜«šŸ˜«

Christmas Santa Mercy Cosplay from Overwatch by s_noelle_cosplay

@s_noelle_cosplay: I’m asking Santa for a 3D printer this Christmas! I’m looking to broaden my horizons with my cosplays by learning the tool of 3D printed props and the computer programs that come with it!

Zero Two cosplay by _sugashi

@_sugashi: at the top of my list is zero two’s suit!! šŸ’–

Christmas Aranea Cosplay from Final Fantasy by alisonjefferycosplay

@alisonjefferycosplay: I’ve had my eye on a bevel cutter for EVA foam to help cut better angled pieces; along with a new wood burning tool for foam detailing.

Elsa from Frozen 2 Cosplay by themutinousmermaid

@themutinousmermaid: Even though I work at Joann Fabrics I think I’m gonna ask for a gift card so that I can load up on fabric and patterns without the guilt. Plus with my employee discount I could really make it stretch. šŸ˜‚

Casual Lucoa Cosplay by loboworks_art

@loboworks_art: I’d say I would probably ask for a ton of EVA foam, as I use it for practically everything but it’s so expensive šŸ˜­šŸ„°šŸ„°

Mei Cosplay by misshydecosplay

@misshydecosplay: I’m asking Santa for an electrical detail sander this year. Since I got into my car accident in September I can’t work on my 3d prints because it stresses my injury too much. The electrical sander would make it easier to work on props.

Force of Nature Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Cosplay Cosplay by @fenixfatalist

@fenixfatalist: I usually ask from Santa strong mental health to work normally with social media ^^

Goblin Slayer Cosplay by obsidian_cosplay

@obsidian_cosplay: EVA foam I would consider, could never go wrong with that.

Frozen Anna Cosplay by sorel_amy

@sorel_amy: Hello! I wish for all the cosplayers to get much more feedback than before cause they really deserve it! šŸ˜Š

We hope Santa delivers on all of our cosplayers wishes this winter.

Are you shopping for a cosplayer in your life? Our Instagrammers have already given you some great ideas, but don’t miss our holiday gift guide for cosplayers.

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