Paul Matthews from Dream Scenario

In the new comedy/horror film Dream Scenario directed by Kristoffer Borgli, Nicolas Cage plays a character named Paul Matthews. Paul’s life is suddenly changed when he begins to appear in millions of strangers dreams. He has to cope and navigate life with his newfound fame and recognition.

Paul Matthews is an average family man. He wears layers like his green puffer jacket with a fur hood, a brown half-zip sweater, and a blue shirt. He pairs this with his glasses, blue denim jeans, and brown boots, creating a layered and recognizable silhouette.

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myron from wayside

Myron from Wayside

Myron (voiced by Martin Villafana) is a character in the Wayside cartoon movie and TV series.  Friends and classmates with Todd, Dana, and Maurecia, Myron is also the one-time class president of Mrs. Jewls‘ class.  He is a little self-absorbed and can come across as rude as a result.  Myron wears small round glasses and his outfit is comprised of several different shades of green.  His clothing consists of light green shorts with a black belt, and a pale green collared shirt under a green sweater.  Lastly, he wears white socks and olive green and white sneakers.

Elspeth Catton from Saltburn

Saltburn is a new film by Emerald Fennel that follows Oliver Quick as he stays in his rich classmate Felix’s estate, and a series of horrifying events occur. Elspeth Catton is Felix’s mother and is played by Rosamund Pike. She’s Saltburn’s Matriarch and although is careless, becomes a somewhat likable character.

To dress like Elspeth, wear light and flowy pieces that have a bohemian style, like a blue and white printed robe/ cover-up, a navy floral long-sleeve dress, or a red velvet embroidered vest paired with a white button down shirt and blue jeans.

Mr. D (Dionysus)

Mr. D – short for Dionysus – is a character in Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+ based on the novels by Rick Riordan. Dionysus is the Greek god of wine. As punishment for going after his favorite wood nymph, Zeus punishes his son to be the camp director at Camp Half Blood for one-hundred years. He’s pretty miserable, especially because he’s forbidden to drink wine…doomed to only drink Diet Coke. In the live action series, Jason Mantzoukas portrays Mr. D with spot-on sarcasm and humor.

Elvis Presley from Priscilla

The new 2023 biopic film Priscilla follows Priscilla Presley’s life and her relationship with Elvis Presley. The film is directed by Sofia Coppola and is an adaptation of Priscilla’s book Elvis and Me. In this film, Priscilla is played by Cailee Spaeny along side Jacob Elordi who plays Elvis Presley.

Elvis in this film has costume that are of course inspired by original ones that Elvis Presley wore at different points in his life. One costume features a mostly brown look with a brown tweed blazer, a brown knit sweater, and black wool pants. Another is his summer pool-side look with a black and white vertical striped shirt with navy shorts and a pair of classic orange tinted sunglasses with gold detail.

cleveland brown from family guy

Cleveland Brown from Family Guy

Cleveland Brown (voiced most recently by Arif Zahir) is a character in the animated series Family Guy.  He also starred in his own spin-off series The Cleveland Show before it was canceled.  Cleveland lives on Spooner Street with Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, and Glenn Quagmire.  He has a distinctively slow drawl and is a postal worker.  Though Cleveland occasionally dons different outfits, his primary costume on the show consists of a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes.  His most important accessory is his mustache.

Shauna from South Park

Shauna from South Park

Shauna (voiced by Mona Marshall) is a minor character in the adult animated series South Park.  She is a student at South Park Elementary alongside Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric.  She goes on a date with Jimmy Valmer that ends with her throwing her drink in his face.  Shauna has long ginger hair which she clips on each side with small mint green bows.  She wears a black skirt and black flats.  Her blouse is purple and white with short sleeves and ruffles, so choose a shirt in a similar shade with ruffle details.

Dominique de Sade from The Case Study of Vanitas

Dominique [Domi] (voiced in Japanese by Ai Kayano and in English by Alexis Tipton) is one of the major protagonists in the anime/manga series The Case Study of Vanitas, by Jun Mochizuki.

She is a vampire, much like the majority of the rest of the main cast of the series, and has been very close friends with Noé since they were kids. The main vampire governmental stronghold, Carbunculus Castle, has her currently employed as a knight.

Domi has long black hair that reaches down past her mid-back, and vibrant golden eyes. Her work outfit consists of a white military-styled jacket with pinkish-lavender lined coattails, black and gold accents, and a white and purple sash. Her undershirt is a high-collared black shirt with a matching bowed cravat topped by a vibrant gem. Her pants are white and mostly covered with thigh-high boots, with grey tops, and golden metallic heels and shoe tips. The rest of the look is finished off by dark pinkish-red gloves, and her trademark sword.

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