Cosplay of CosBrawl 2020

CosBrawl 2020 Jessie

The inaugural CosBrawl was held this past Saturday, August 22, coinciding with International Cosplay Day. This charity event featured a jam-packed lineup of Brawl Stars streamers on Twitch and YouTube, who donned costumes of their favorite brawlers on camera. All this to raise money and awareness for CheckPoint, a nonprofit that provides mental health resources for gamers. While the fundraiser has ended, it’s never too late to donate to CheckPoint.

Here we highlight all the inspiring cosplays seen on CosBrawl 2020. Every last stream was feel good and a lot of fun. Maybe the silly costumes had something to do with that. Check the streams out for yourself at the links below.

Ark Cosplay as Bea

Bea cosplay by Ark, who masterminded CosBrawl and powered through a 24-hour session.

Skiller Gaming Cosplay as Brock

Brock cosplay by Skiller Gaming, with the perfect shades.

Falcone Cosplay as Colt

Colt cosplay by Falcone, pew pew. By the way, we have our very own Colt costume guide.

SpenLC Cosplay as Piper

Piper cosplay by SpenLC. Check out our own Piper costume guide if you wanna turn heads like SpenLC.

Tom Brawl Stars Cosplay as Bakesale Barley

Bakesale Barley cosplay by Tom Brawl Stars was looking fabulous. See our Bakesale Barley costume guide to learn how to do your very own cosplay.

PdePaula Cosplay as Jessie

Jessie cosplay by PdePaula. Her shock rifle blew us away. Here’s our Jessie costume guide.

Power Couple Gaming Cosplay as Bull and Jessie

Bull and Jessie cosplays by Power Couple Gaming. Power couple indeed. We also have a Bull costume guide for you.

FullFrontage Cosplay as Dynamike

Dynamike cosplay by FullFrontage was on point, especially those fierce eyebrows. View our Dynamike costume guide.

Arran1904 Cosplay as Brock

Brock cosplay by Arran1904. You could say he got the rocket launcher from Amazon.

Bentimm1 Cosplay as Leon

Leon cosplay by Bentimm1, complete with lollipop so massive you could use it as a deadly weapon.

BroCast Cosplay as Colt

Colt cosplay by BroCast. He’s got the squint down.

Garotas No Controle Cosplay as Emz

Emz cosplay by Garotas No Controle. We’ve like got a Emz costume guide for you. #perfectcosplay

Gizmo Spike Cosplay at Jessie

Jessie cosplay by GizmoSpike Gaming. She did justice to Jessie’s awesome character design.

Edhy Ghellen Cosplay as Bakesale Barley

Bakesale Barley cosplay by Edhy Ghellen looked scrumptious.

OG Brawl Stars Cosplay as Sakura Spike

Sakura Spike cosplay by OG Brawl Stars was a clever interpretation.

Dinhuu Gamers Cosplay as Touchdown Bull

Touchdown Bull cosplay by Dinhuu Gamers, looking the position.

AshlynS Cosplay as Ladybug Bea

Ladybug Bea cosplay by AshlynS. She did a phenomenal job making the helmet. Check out our Ladybug Bea costume guide here.

ReddySet Cosplay as Top Hat Mortis

Top Hat Mortis cosplay by ReddySet. If you wanna look as dapper, we’ve got a Top Hat Mortis costume guide.

BobbyBS Cosplay as Pirate Gene

Pirate Gene cosplay by BobbyBS, going all in with the blue skin paint.

ReyBrawlStars Cosplay as Rockabilly Mortis

Rockabilly Mortis cosplay by Rey. If you’re a Mortis main with a rockin’ pompadour, we have the Rockabilly Mortis costume guide.

Gustovow Cosplay as Bibi

Bibi cosplay by Gustovow. We wanna get our hands on an inflatable bat like that, but it looks discontinued. Check out our Bibi costume guide.

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