maggie pesky from the buzz on maggie

Maggie Pesky from The Buzz on Maggie

Maggie Pesky (voiced by Jessica DiCicco) is the 13-year-old fly protagonist of the Disney show The Buzz on Maggie.  Maggie dreams of being a rockstar and has psychic visions of the future.  Maggie’s costume includes chunky boots, a yellow skirt, and bright pink hair and socks.  She also often rocks a double-necked guitar, but purchasing one would be an expensive proposition for a costume.  Instead, you could use two inflatable guitars and to create a double-necked prop by cutting off the neck of one and taping it closed after it’s inflated.  If you’d like to take your costume to the next level, you could also follow a DIY tutorial like this one to create additional arms, as Maggie has four.

Costumes on Clearance

Costumes on Clearance: A Look at Leftover Costumes from Halloween 2020

It’s early November, Halloween has come and gone. This is the time costume shops start figuring out what to do […]


Ranch It Up

Ranch it up! Advocate to legalize ranch in this casual, mismatched outfit from The Eric Andre Show. Comedian and host Eric Andre goes up to people in Manhattan and talks nonsense, mainly about ranch dressing. You may recognize Ranch It Up from the “Cheers, I’ll drink to that bro” reaction meme. Crop the t-shirt with a pair of scissors.

Cal Jacobs from Euphoria

Cal Jacobs (played by Eric Dane) is a major antagonist in Euphoria. He is the strict father of Nate Jacobs and is well known in town for his real estate empire. Cal is a married man who is struggling with his sexuality and is constantly using hook up apps to find and sleep with you gay men and trans-women. He sometimes videotapes them without their consent and keeps these videos hidden in his home office. Cal has a lot to lose if people find out not only that he’s been cheating on his wife, but often assaulting the young men and women he meets off these sites. Cal is extremely weary once he finds out Jules goes to high school with his son Nate. He sees her at the fair and begs her to not tell anyone. Cal is a very intimidating character and has some extreme red flags personality-wise. So far there is no good side to Cal besides some re-emerging guilt for having a second life apart from his marriage and job. The costume is extremely simple men’s dress attire. Be sure to get your outfit on before coloring your hair with the silver hair wax. This outfit will work well as part of a group Euphoria costume for Halloween or cosplay.

Mick from Legends of Tomorrow

Mick Rory, also called Heat Wave, is a former super villain and former romance novelist. In the year 2016, Mick (played by Dominic Purcell) is recruited into Legends, a time-traveling superhero team, in an operation to prevent a disastrous uprising 2166. At first he joins the team for his own selfish gains, but as the mission goes deeper Mick begins to change his mind in Legends of Tomorrow.

gabriel agreste from miraculous ladybug

Gabriel Agreste from Miraculous Ladybug

Gabriel Agreste (voiced by Keith Silverstein in English) is a fashion designer and father to Adrien on the animated show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.  Gabriel’s villainous alter-ego Hawk Moth is the main antagonist of the series, often butting heads with Cat Noir and Ladybug.  Because Gabriel is a fashion designer, his clothing is very clean cut and exact.  He wears a grey vest, white blazer, and red tailored pants with a white dress shirt.  You can use a grey or silver hair wax to style your hair into his trademark pompadour while also imbuing your natural hair with some color.


Amenadiel from Lucifer

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is a main character on Lucifer. He is an archangel and Lucifer’s older brother. He was also the angel who helped Penelope Decker give birth to Chloe. He arrives in Los Angeles to convince Lucifer to go back to Hell, as his absence will create chaos. In failing this, he stays to help his brother become a better individual. Amenadiel plays by the rules and strives to stay on the path that their dad (aka God) has created. He is well-meaning and moral, though can sometimes be blissfully unaware of human practicalities. Like his brother, the longer he remains on Earth, the more human he becomes. In season four, Amenadiel and Dr. Linda have a baby named Charlie, who is mortal like his mother. This is his outfit when he first encounters Lucifer on Earth.

giyuu tomioka demon slayer character

Giyuu Tomioka from Demon Slayer

Giyuu Tomioka is a character from the hit anime, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba. Known as the Water Pillar, he is one of the nine Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps. In the first episode, Giyuu encounters Tanjiro trying to save Nezuko. He delivers the harsh truth: she is a demon and she must be killed. When Tanjiro fights back, he is impressed with his skill. Giyuu is rather stoic and unpleasant, as reinforced by Shinobu‘s teasing that nobody likes him. Although unlike the other Hashiras, he shows mercy towards Tanjiro and argues to let Nezuko live.

Eve from Lucifer

Eve (Inbar Lavi) is a character in the fourth season of Lucifer. She’s the first human woman in creation. She’s an energetic party girl with a tendency to act on a reckless impulse. While intended to be Adam’s wife, Eve had a secret relationship with Lucifer Morningstar. Unhappy with her husband in heaven, she finds a way to Earth and reunite with Lucifer. This throws Chloe Decker and Lucifer’s budding romance into a loop as Eve becomes his girlfriend again. But Lucifer breaks it off when he realizes she wants the old devil, admitting he has changed. Thinking returning to Hell would make him more like his old self, she brings demons to Earth, accidentally fulfilling a prophecy. However she redeems herself by helping prevent the archangel Amenadiel’s infant son from being taken by the demons. Eve realizes she is out of touch with people’s feelings and chooses to explore Earth to find herself.

Kazuma from Noragami

Kazuma from Noragami

Kazuma (Eric Vale / Jun Fukuyama) is the blessed vessel / lead shinki of the Japanese fortune goddess Bishamon. Loyal to a fault, he’s been known to take matters into his own hand to help his mistress whether she realizes she needs it or not. When Yukine becomes Yato‘s blessed vessel, Kazuma eagerly takes the young shinki under his wing, though his motives in becoming close with his mistress’s rival (usually Bishamon-serving, as opposed to self-serving) come under Yukine’s scrutiny more than once.