jake english from homestuck

Jake English from Homestuck

Jake English is a character in the MS Paint Adventures webcomic Homestuck.  He is from Pacific Island, which is also Jade Harley‘s home.  Jake has black hair and glasses.  He wears a white t-shirt with a green skull design, a white button-down shirt left open, white shorts, and white shoes.  You can add a black belt to your costume to emulate the dark band of the shorts he wears.

Karen from Mean Girls (2024)

Karen is a character from the new 2024 musical movie Mean Girls, and is played by Avantika Vandanapu. This new film is based on the Mean Girls musical, a live broadway show that follows the story of the 2004 film Mean Girls, that we all know starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. Karen is a part of ‘the plastics’ which are the group of popular girls in school. She is known as the hilariously ditsy character.

Karen’s costume, like the others in this new take on the story follow current trends. One look you could recreate is this bright and trendy look that features a color-block chunky sweater and a blue crop top that ties in the front. Another is a pink look that features a pink button-front skirt, a pink tie-front sweater over a white lettuce hem top and red sunglasses.

dorian wytte from hooky

Dorian Wytte from Hooky

Dorian Wytte is the twin brother of Daniela Wytte in the webtoon series Hooky.  Dorian is studios and social awkward witch, who has better control over his magic than his sister.  He favors black and white clothes, which matches Daniela’s wardrobe.  When he’s younger, Dorian wears black shorts with high socks, boots, and a black blazer and suspenders with a white shirt.  As he grows older, his clothing choices mature.  You can create your costume with pinstripe pants, a dress shirt, and slim black tie.  Alternately, a silk bow and grey vest will also do the trick.

The Creature from Lisa Frankenstein

Lisa Frankenstein is a new 80s style horror/comedy film by Zelda Williams. Set in 1989, the film follows a teenager named Lisa in high school who has a new crush that turns out to be a reanimated corpse. The Creature is played by Cole Sprouse.

The Creature goes through different styles and costume changes in this movie, even an 80s makeover. But his most recognizable is this look that features a white shirt, black suspenders, plaid tweed pants, a black scarf, black dress shoes, and of course makeup to really give that undead look.

Sid Chang from The Casagrandes

Sid Chang from The Casagrandes

In The Loud House and The Casagrandes, Sidney “Sid” Chang is a bubbly new girl who befriends Ronnie Anne. She’s of half-Chinese descent, has freckles, and a birthmark on the bottom of her foot in the shape of Abraham Lincoln.

George Harrison from Help!

Help! Is a wacky comedy film from 1965 that follows The Beatles as they are on the run and trying to protect Ringo Starr from a cult that is after them. In between scenes in the film, of course they have musical moments where they stop to preform their songs.

George Harrison has many different costumes int his film, but two in particular are standouts. One is his matching look with the rest of the members that consists of a black duster coat, a red and white scarf, and George in particular wears a black top hat. Another is his all-denim costume with a denim blue button down shirt, and blue denim jeans.

Elly Conway from Argylle

Argylle is a new spy movie by Matthew Vaughn and follows Elly Conway, an author who’s novels begin to mirror the actions of a real spy organization, and she has to try and get ahead to stop it along with her cat.

Elly has a look which you would expect from an author, muted colors and comfortable or casual pieces. To dress like Elly, wear a chunky green cardigan, a navy blue turtleneck or mock neck fitted top, wide leg blue jeans, Doc Marten shoes, and of course a yellow cat bubble backpack.

Percy Jackson (2023)

Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell) is the protagonist of Percy Jackson and the Olympians on Disney+. Based on the novels by Rick Riordan, the story follows twelve-year old Percy, who finds out he is a demigod or “half-blood.” His best friend/satyr protector Grover Underwood takes him to Camp Half Blood, a sanctuary for other children of the Greek gods. There he meets Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena and master battle strategist. Yet when Poseidon claims Percy as his son, the three must embark on a quest to retrieve Zeus’ master bolt – or there will be war among the gods.

Eri from My Hero Academia

Eri (voiced in Japanese by Seiran Kobayashi and in English by Emily Neves) is one of the main characters in the fourth season of the anime/manga series My Hero Academia.

She was formerly under the control of Kai Chisaki (Overhaul) as she is the granddaughter of the boss of the organization he took over, Shie Hassaikai. He manipulated her quirk to make a drug from her body to erase other people’s quirks, and used the fear of it backfiring on her to keep her under his thumb. Eventually she was freed by Izuku and the others, and placed under the guardianship of Aizawa, living at the UA dorms.

Eri has hip-length blueish-grey hair, worn to expose the horn that indicates her quirk status, and has soft red eyes. The outfit she wears after being rescued is a white button up shirt with a ruffle collar, worn with a red overall-type dress with yellow buttons over it, and is finished off with black tights, light tan boots, and a red crossbody handbag.

minecraft alex

Minecraft Alex

Alex is one of the available default characters of Minecraft.  She is a counterpart to Steve, with the same abilities.  Alex has ginger red hair worn in a side pony, and she wears a green top with a dark belt, brown pants, and black boots.  Her appearance is entirely pixellated, so splurging for a replica headpiece will help bring your costume to life.