faith mitchell from will trent

Faith Mitchell from Will Trent

Faith Mitchell (played by Iantha Richardson) is a main character in the TV series Will Trent, based on the Karin Slaughter book series of the same name.  Faith is paired with GBI agent Will Trent, who once investigated her mother and forced her into retirement.  She also has a very close relationship with GBI Deputy Director Amanda Wagner.  Faith is a smart and determined investigator with an excellent sense of style that often relies on unique shoes and sweater vests. There are lots of looks from the show to choose from, including a red and white striped button down with a white and black vest, or a color block vest and grey blazer with retro sneakers.

Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi (voiced in Japanese by Maaya Sakamoto and in English by Caitlin Glass) is the main character of the anime/manga Ouran High School Host Club.

The story starts off with Haruhi knocking over a very expensive vase in the club’s room and breaking it, leading to a very large debt that needs to be paid back. This ends up with Haruhi working in the club to cover the expenses, dealing with the other members eccentricities along the way.

Haruhi has short cut brown hair, which had to be cut after getting gum stuck in it prior to the start of the story, and soft brown eyes. Like the rest of the club members, Haruhi wears the school’s uniform, in the boy’s variation. The jacket is a mid-toned light blue with the school’s emblem on it as an applique, and is worn over a white button up shirt, with a black tie detailed with purple stripes. The lower half of the uniform consists of black slacks and matching shoes.

Gregory from Abbott Elementary

Gregory is a character in the school comedy series Abbott Elementary, and is played by Tyler James Williams. Gregory is a first grade teacher at the elementary school in the series. He is a newer teacher at the school and we follow him as he begins teaching there and grows and learns from it.

Gregory has a very simple but distinct style that is very fitting for a school teacher. To dress like him, wear a red polo long sleeve shirt with a plaid-printed dress pant. Another is a navy dotted shirt with a matching navy tie, and he always wears a blue lanyard to hold his ID just like the other teachers at Abbott.

David from The Lobster

David is the main character from the A24 film The Lobster, and is played by Colin Farrel. The Lobster is set in a dystopian society where people have to get into a relationship within 45 days or they are transformed into an animal of their choice. We follow David throughout the film as he struggles to find someone to be with despite his quiet personality.

To dress like David, wear a black poncho with a green raincoat or a navy blue blazer, blue shirt, and navy striped tie.

Richard Simmons in The Court Jester

Richard Simmons in The Court Jester

The role of Richard Simmons has been given to Pauly Shore, who stars as the spirited aerobics personality in the short film The Court Jester, as well as a feature-length biopic under development with The Wolper Organization.

saint brigid from irish wish

Saint Brigid from Irish Wish

Saint Brigid (played by Dawn Bradfield) is the wish-granting fairy who transforms Maddie Kelly‘s life in the Netflix romcom Irish Wish.  The character is loosely based on one of the three national saints of Ireland.  In the film, Saint Brigid wears a green and maroon outfit with her hair wrapped in a silk scarf.  A green kurta will provide a similar silhouette and you can add details with maroon fabric paint.  Finish your look with a floral scarf and maroon flats.

Duncan Wedderburn from Poor Things

Duncan Wedderburn is one of the main characters from the film Poor Things, and is played by Mark Ruffalo. Poor Things is a truly unique film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos and follows Bella Baxter, a woman who is reanimated and goes again through stages of childhood to adulthood throughout the film. She goes on an adventure to see the world with lawyer Duncan Wedderburn.

To dress like Duncan, wear a three-piece gray suit with a white shirt, black bow tie, black leather gloves, a straw boater hat with black wig on, and a black cane with a gold handle.


Kars is a primary antagonist in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency. He is one of the Pillar Men, four immortal  beings who designed the Stone Mask (which turned Dio into a vampire). Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli must defeat them using Hamon. Kars seeks the Red Stone of Aja, which will grant him the ability to endure sunlight and reach his ultimate form. Aside from his superior strength and speed, he wields razor sharp blades from his gauntlets. A notable Kars moment is when he uses Lisa Lisa’s leg as a guitar.

Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Inko (voiced in Japanese by Aya Kawakami and in English by Jessica Cavanagh) is one of the secondary main characters in the anime/manga My Hero Academia.

She is Izuku Midoriya’s mother, and is very protective of him due to him being born without a Quirk, as well as being extremely reckless once he gets OFA passed down to him from All Might. We do not know much about her Quirk outside of it enabling her to pull small objects towards her, the name is currently unknown.

Inko has matching colored dark green hair and eyes, similar to her son, though hers are more grey-toned. She is often seen wearing a white undershirt, with a pinky-peach toned sweater over top, a blue skirt, and her shoes are often not seen, but she does have a pair of dark brown slip-ons.

poppy starfield from despicable me 4

Poppy Starfield from Despicable Me 4

Poppy Starfield (voiced by Joey King) is a supporting character in Despicable Me 4.  An aspiring supervillain and fan of Gru‘s work, Poppy finds herself able to team up with her idol after they become neighbors.  Poppy has long, wild, red hair which she wears loose under an aviator cap with goggles.  Her outfit comprises a black and pink top and skirt over bike shorts.  She also wears a white belt, white fingerless gloves, and bright pink high tops.  If you can’t find an exact match for her jacket, look for one with similar colors and a full zip front.