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Little Edie from Grey Gardens

Little Edie is best known from the 1975 documentary Grey Gardens. The documentary captures the odd everyday life of Little Edie and her mother Edith, former wealthy socialites who live in their decaying Long Island estate together, where they never leave the house. We see their hilarious and very eccentric personalities as they reminisce on their younger years with the occasional singing and dancing.

Little Edie throughout the documentary changes into many different outfits and is essentially playing dress up for the camera. She shows off and tells the crew how she puts her outfits together like her signature scarf she wears around her head with a large gold pin, which she sometimes creates with different pieces of clothing, like a sweater. She used to be a dancer and has a dance leotard in the iconic dancing scene with the American flag.

Manny from Swiss Army Man

Manny is from the movie Swiss Army Man by The Daniels, and is played by Daniel Radcliffe. Manny is an animated corpse that has washed up on the shore where Hank finds him. Hank has been stranded on a deserted island and runs into him, and throughout the film helps him find the motivation to survive. Hank teaches Manny how to be a person again and through it, questions his old ways and learns about himself.

Manny wears cool tones in comparison to Hank, who wears warm ones. He wears lots of blue like his two piece suit and tie. He of course is also very dirty and his clothes are worn from being washed up on this island. This can be replicated with any kind of brown acrylic or fabric paint to add to the clothes to make them look distressed.

Scout Master Randy Ward from Moonrise Kingdom

Scout Master Randy Ward is from the film Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson, and is played by Edward Norton. This character is a Khaki Scout troop leader in the film that Sam Shakusky is a part of.

Scout Master Ward wears a full khaki getup like the rest of the group with scout patches, a ranger hat, long socks, and a yellow bandana. If you’re someone who enjoys sewing, add yellow piping to the costume as a detail to bring this uniform all together.

OJ Haywood from Nope

OJ Haywood is from the movie Nope by Jordan Peele, and is played by Daniel Kaluuya. OJ is the brother of Emerald Haywood. They both run the company Haywood’s Hollywood Horses.

OJ has a very practical wardrobe and is not really concerned with style but how what he wears will serve him best. He wears lots of work wear like blue jeans and sturdy boots, paired with shirts from their own company and productions they have worked on. He stands out beside his sister Emerald and this shows his more reserved and serious personality compared to hers.

Anthony Bridgerton

Anthony is from the popular regency drama series Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey. He is in both seasons of the show, and is one of the two main characters in the second season, playing the love interest of Kate Sharma.

Anthony is the eldest son and Viscount of the Bridgerton family. He wears Regency-Era costumes that feature double-breasted vests, tailcoats, white shirts, caravats, and the occasional top hat. The colors he wears are lots of blues and purples, that complement Kate’s perfectly on screen.

Wes Anderson on the Set of Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is the director of the 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom. Moonrise Kingdom is about 12 year olds Sam and Suzy on the island of New Penzance. We follow them as they decide to run away together and the adults of the film try to find them. This quirky film has very distinct costumes, just like all of his films. They’re very unique, detailed, and almost doll-like. On this film set, Wes wore his iconic brown corduroy two-piece suit. He pairs this with a colorful plaid shirt, sweater, and green plaid scarf. He dresses like he fits right into the environments that he so meticulously creates.

David Byrne from American Utopia

David Byrne’s American Utopia is a musical show that was on Broadway and released as a live recording in 2020 to HBO Max, directed by Spike Lee. In this show, Talking Heads’ David Byrne leads the way with international musicians as they put on a rock spectacle about art, openness and faith in humanity on a minimalist and bold background. Byrne performs songs you may be familiar with like Burning Down the House, Road to Nowhere, Glass, Concrete & Stone, and more.

David Byrne, like the rest of the artists on stage, wears an all-gray suit with a gray shirt-but loose enough to dance in. Pair this with a stage mic, prop brain, and leave the shoes out this time for this costume!

Javi from The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

Javi is a character from the film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, and is played by Pedro Pascal. The film follows Nicolas Cage (who plays himself), as he struggles financially and can’t book roles, until he gets the offer to appear at a wealthy fan’s birthday party-Javi and they both run into trouble. Javi is a character who first seems like a weirdly-obsessed and possibly selfishly-rich fan, who turns out to be a very genuine loyal person, and Pedro’s hilarious performance makes this even better.

This film takes place in the summer on an island, so Javi wears bright colors and summer pieces like his nice sunglasses, a white and grey striped shirt paired with a light blue blazer, a fun pair of green pants with a short sleeve brown striped shirt.

Emerald Haywood from Nope

Emerald Haywood is from the movie Nope by Jordan Peele, and is played by Keke Palmer. Emerald is the sister of OJ Haywood. They both run the company Haywood’s Hollywood Horses. 

Emerald has a very fun and unique style in all of her costumes. She wears lots of cool vintage pieces like graphic tees, cowboy boots, and is not afraid of bright pops of colors. She stands out beside her brother OJ and this shows her outgoing personality in comparison to him.

Pearl from Pearl (2022)

Pearl is the main character from the A24 film by Ti West, and is played by Mia Goth. Pearl is the origin story of the previous film in West’s series, X.

Pearl is a character that is stuck living and working on her family’s farm in rural Texas. She longs for a glamorous life on the screen, like she sees in the movies and goes killer lengths to attempt to achieve this. Pearl’s usual attire consists of blue overalls, a blue shirt, and lace bows or a blue bandana. When she goes to audition for a film, she wears an all-red dress with puffy sleeves and a large blue denim bow.