Ryan Gosling from ‘I’m Just Ken’ Oscars Performance

Ryan Gosling from ‘I’m Just Ken’ Oscars Performance

This past weekend, the 2024 Oscars were more than memorable thanks to Ryan Gosling bringing the Kenergy to the awards with his explosive live performance of ‘I’m Just Ken.’ Although Barbie didn’t win best picture or director, Ryan truly made a lasting impression by flooding our screens and the stage with pink. He was accompanied by a large ensemble of Kens supporting him as background dancers. The look of the performance was inspired by the famous scene featuring Marilyn Monroe’s ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Of course in this case, Ryan is the iconic blonde and the ensemble wear costumes inspired by the men in the ensemble from the film. Choosing this classic film as inspiration is also fitting as Greta Gerwig took a lot of inspiration from large sweeping sound-stage musicals from that time. The I’m Just Ken scene in Barbie is actually inspired by Singin’ in the Rain, from the dream ballet sequence with Cyd Charisse and Gene Kelly.

Ryan wore an all-pink outfit to this performance. This can be created by wearing a hot-pink suit, pink shirt, pink gloves, pink socks, black dress shoes, and fashionable black sunglasses. The rhinestones can be added with AB rhinestones and glued with E6000. A black cowboy hat can also be added like he wears in the very beginning of the performance. This would make for a great duo or group costume with your favorite Kens as the background dancers.

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