Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Axel (voiced in Japanese by Keiji Fujiwara and in English by Quinton Flynn) is one of the major characters and a temporary antagonist at this point, in the Kingdom Hearts series.

While he does return later as his Somebody, Lea, for this part of the series he is still considered a key member of Organization XIII. He is number VIII (8), and his title is The Flurry of Dancing Flames, due to his flame-based powers. He joined the Organization at the same time as Saix, as they were very close beforehand.

He has voluminous red spiky hair with a dark gradient running through it, and vibrant green eyes, lined with red eyeliner, and purple upside-down teardrops underneath them. He wears the standard black Organization cloak, with black leather gloves, black pants, and the same silver topped black boots. His weapons are a pair of multi-colored spiked chakrams, as a variation off of the frisbees he used to play with as a child.

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