Quinton Flynn

Axel from Kingdom Hearts

Axel (voiced in Japanese by Keiji Fujiwara and in English by Quinton Flynn) is one of the major characters and a temporary antagonist at this point, in the Kingdom Hearts series.

While he does return later as his Somebody, Lea, for this part of the series he is still considered a key member of Organization XIII. He is number VIII (8), and his title is The Flurry of Dancing Flames, due to his flame-based powers. He joined the Organization at the same time as Saix, as they were very close beforehand.

He has voluminous red spiky hair with a dark gradient running through it, and vibrant green eyes, lined with red eyeliner, and purple upside-down teardrops underneath them. He wears the standard black Organization cloak, with black leather gloves, black pants, and the same silver topped black boots. His weapons are a pair of multi-colored spiked chakrams, as a variation off of the frisbees he used to play with as a child.

Marcus Damon from Digimon Data Squad

Marcus Damon (voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi and Quinton Flynn) is the main character of Digimon Data Squad.  Marcus is the son of a Digimon researcher and is extremely combative, though he’s loving and loyal when it comes to his friends and family.  Marcus has long auburn hair with fame-fracing bangs.  His outfit consists of a black sleeveless shirt, a red and white vest, and olive green pants.  His accessories include black and red sneakers, black wrist cuffs, and a silver necklace given to him by his father.

Lea from Kingdom Hearts 3

Lea (voiced in Japanese by Keiji Fujiwara and in English by Quinton Flynn) is one of the major characters in the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise.

This is his outfit particularly for Kingdom Hearts 3, which is only seen at the very end of the game, when there’s a montage scene of how all the characters are doing after the events of the game.

Lea’s general appearance is still the same as earlier titles, with the same high-spiked gradiented red hair and green eyes. For this outfit he wears a low black v-neck t-shirt, with a long red-washed plaid checkered sleeveless shirt over top, with a long black sleeveless hoodie vest on top of both of them. He also has deep burgundy tight pants on, with similar black boots to the ones he wore while in the Organization.

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