Tiana Benjamin Talks Characters, Costumes, and Halloween

Tiana Benjamin as Angelina Johnson in Harry Potter

Tiana Benjamin, who’s starred as Angelina Johnson in the Harry Potter series and Chelsea in EastEnders, kindly shares her thoughts with us about her favorite role she’s dressed up for, her plans for Halloween 2021, and advice on how to best get into character.


Hey guys, this message is for cosplayers and costumers around the world. And it’s for Carbon Costume.

And you’ve asked me some questions about character and costumes, you know, what’s my favorite costume I’ve ever worn. That’s the easiest. It was for Angelina Johnson. It was just incredible to get to wear the robe and be at the fitting and work with the team. I’ve loved that robe. And it was GRYFFINDOR!

And what will I dress up for for Halloween? I don’t really celebrate Halloween. So it would be something very light-hearted if I did. I’m still working on it.

And in general, yeah, costumes really help me get into character. Whether they’re tight-fitted or loose and fun. Or like puffy shoulders. It really helps with the vibe and the energy of the character.

So yeah. I hope those questions were good. And take care. Happy Halloween!

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