Emily Peachey on Favorite Roles, Great Cosplay, and Jareth the Goblin King

Emily Peachy from The Fault in Our Stars

Emily Peachey, best known for her role in The Fault in Our Stars, Paradise Lost, and Fishbowl, speaks with us about the nuances of what makes a good cosplay, her favorite roles in terms of costume and makeup (hint: it’s not TFIOS), and her plans to dress up as Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth for this Halloween!


Hey guys, this is Emily Peachey. And this is from Carbon Costume.

And this is for all of the cosplayers and costumers around the world. First of all, I think it’s so cool what you guys do. Absolutely awesome.

So I think to really get into character for those kinds of roles, is to really study up on your character and find the details and the nuances. Because that’s what sets you apart from every other cosplay and every other costume out there. It’s like finding those tiny little things that nobody else picks up on. So that would be my biggest advice on that.

My favorite costume that I’ve ever had for a role was for the show I did a couple years ago called Paradise Lost. My character in the show died in this super gruesome, tragic way. I had all these gashes on my face and my body. And so much fake blood. It looked so cool and so legit. And that was by far my favorite costume. And it was absolutely awesome. It looked so cool on screen. It look so real, so legit. I was in the makeup chair about four hours on that one, a day. So it was good. It was really, really cool. A ton of prosthetics, it was awesome.

What I’m going for, for Halloween this year, is I’m going as Jareth the Goblin King, from Labyrinth. Labryinth is one of my favorite movies of all time, and David Bowie’s just so iconic. So I’m going as him. Hope people get it. I don’t know if they will. But who cares, it’s Halloween, it’s fun!

I hope you have a wonderful day and an even better Halloween. Bye!

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