Cosplay at Flame Con 2022

Cosplay at Flame Con 2022

Created and sponsored by Geeks Out, FlameCon describes itself as largest queer comic con in the world. This con welcomes geeks from all walks of life to “celebrate the diversity and creativity of queer geekdom and LGBTQ contributions to pop culture.” With its focus on inclusivity, the con also emphasizes accessibility, accommodations, and allyship. It’s the con for all things LGBTQ media and fandom, with panels, performances, vendors, artists — and of course, cosplay.

Among the most popular fandoms for cosplay were Our Flag Means Death, Stranger Things, Star Trek, and various animes.

While vaccinations and masks were required, please note that some cosplayers took off their masks for photographs.

Here are our some of our favorite cosplays from the convention. If you see yourself or someone you know, contact us!

This cosplay of Avatar Kyoshi’s ghost from Avatar: The Last Airbender is hauntingly beautiful.

I was one of the handful of Stranger Things cosplayers at FlameCon. I found a Steve cosplayer dressed in the matching Scoops Ahoy uniform, and a selfie was absolutely necessary.

From cosplay to artwork, Our Flag Means Death was amongst the most popular fandoms at this convention, given its positive queer representation. We treasure (pun intended) these femme Blackbeard and Stede cosplays!

Anything is possible in the Multiverse! Check out these Kingpin and Adora cosplays.

This Larry Trainor, aka Negative Man, cosplay from Doom Patrol is spot on!

Set phasers to stunning with this Deanna Troi cosplay, courtesy of To Proudly Go, a nonprofit organization that creates a safe space for LGBTQ science fiction lovers.

Jump into the Spider-verse with these web-tastic Miles Morales and Spidergwen cosplays!

Diamonds are Harley Quinn‘s best friends! This stunning Marilyn Harley¬†cosplay takes note from Birds of Prey.

Check out this awesome Number Five cosplay. The Umbrella Academy just recently announced its fourth and final season.

Natasha, aka Red in her Ledger, is known for cosplaying many different variations of Black Widow. Here she puts a colorful spin on the classic spy suit, complete with pride flags on her belt and batons.

Zeus and Sonic the Hedgehog make quite the combo.

Check out these Black Cat and Amethyst cosplays! Hopefully Felicia keeps her paws off any real crystal gems.

The Potions Mistress makes all kinds of cosplay props, namely for a certain god of mischief. Peep the President Loki button!

We choose this Pokemon trainer cosplay!

We immediately recognized this Red Queen Kitty Pryde from X-Men. This was her first cosplay ever and she crushed it!

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