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Alice from Don’t Worry Darling

Alice is from the thriller/drama film Don’t Worry Darling, and is played by Florence Pugh. The story follows Alice, a housewife who lives with her partner Jack in the seemingly perfect community called Victory in the 1950s. Throughout the film she begins to discover dark secrets about her life at Victory and the people who live there.

Alice wears a variety of bright dresses and has a looked inspired by icons such as Brigitte Bardot, which you can see in her hairstyles. She often wears a black velvet bow that stands out against her light hair color and her dresses are typically a midi-length, perfect for the 50s and are mostly sleeveless.


‘Fleabag’ from the series Fleabag is created and played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Fleabag is adapted from what it originally was, a live one-woman show by Bridge. She then created a hilarious two-season series where we watch her navigate grief and life in London while she runs a guinea pig themed cafe on her own. In the second season, she focuses on her love interest, The Priest, played by the talented Andrew Scott. Fleabag has a completely unfiltered and hilarious personality.

This relatable character has a very distinct style that carries across both seasons. Her style is timeless and a little quirky with lots of black, white and pops of red. She wears stylish and simple jumpsuits in season two that are very recognizable of the character.

Sally Albright from When Harry Met Sally

Sally Albright is from the 1989 movie When Harry Met Sally and is played by Meg Ryan. When Harry Met Sally is a rom-com set in New York about Harry Burns and Sally Albright, who keep running into each other throughout their lives until they meet again in a bookshop. They attempt to stay platonic friends and eventually end up together.

Sally is one of the two protagonists in the story. She is someone who knows what she wants and makes that clear when speaking to Harry. Her wardrobe is one that looks cozy, but also stylish and dressed up. She has fun with her outfits with pieces like unique hats and patterned tights and sweaters. These costumes are perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Sandie from Last Night in Soho

Sandie is a character from the film Last Night in Soho, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. The story follows the protagonist Eloise, an aspiring fashion designer that begins university in London to study it, and learns that she is able to enter the 1960s. At night she transforms into an aspiring singer named Sandie from the 60s. As Sandie searches for her big break, she gets into trouble and Eloise follows that journey with her.

Sandie is first seen in a float bright bring dress with the perfect shape for the period. We later see outfits like her white coat, black dress, and red dress that Eloise is inspired by and begins incorporating it into her own style and projects. Tease your hair to create a classic bump on the top to complete the look.

Willy Wonka from Wonka (2023)

Quiet up and listen down! There’s a new Willy Wonka in town, played by Timothee Chalamet in the new movie-musical Wonka. The original story is from the 1964 novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. This new story follows a younger Wonka before he becomes who we know today from the two film adaptations where he is played by Gene Wilder and then Johnny Depp. In this new whimsical film we follow his journey into becoming a chocolatier.

Wonka’ s costume has elements that are reminiscent of both Roald Dahl’s original art and previous films. He still wears iconic pieces like the purple velvet coat, brown top hat, and walking stick. In this new costume we also see the designer playing with layering and unique patterns like the brown vest layered on top of a white pinstriped shirt, over that another blue and yellow vest, and then the coat. He also wears high waisted trousers and a patterned scarf tucked into the vest.

Jack from Don’t Worry Darling

Jack is a character in the thriller/drama film Don’t Worry Darling, and is played by the well known singer Harry Styles. The story follows Alice who lives with Jack in a seemingly perfect community called victory in the 1950s. Throughout the film, Alice begins to discover dark secrets about her life at Victory and questions Jack’s intentions.

Jack typically wears suits, and the occasional 50s casual bowling-style shirts. Every day Jack heads off to work along with all of the men in the community. While we aren’t sure initially where he goes off to, we can see that he always has on a nice stylish suit like his brown one with a matching tie.

Willa Ferreyra from Succession

Willa Ferreyra, played by Justine Lupe-Schomp, is from the series Succession. Willa was a former escort and in the series, becomes the partner of one of the Roy siblings: Connor Roy.

Willa is a quiet character starting out in the show, but gains confidence as she becomes closer with Connor. We can see this not only through her dialogue where she stands up for herself and Connor, it is shown very clearly through her costumes. As she accompanies Connor to events with the family and Waystar Royco, she seems to learn to dress perfectly for the occasion and still stand out with her stylish choices. She wears light and flowy dresses at a garden party and other times she dresses edgy but follows current trends like the black choker, that may not exactly fit into the Roy family style. When Connor runs for president after the two are married, her fashion transitions into classic pieces and even 1960s inspired, showing that she wants to dress and feel like her idea of a first lady. Willa has possibly the greatest growth in her wardrobe in the series and is one of the few characters who really remain true to themselves, and that’s why we love her!

Marcus from The Bear

Marcus is from the series The Bear and is played by Lionel Boyce. The Bear is about a chef named Carmen, who has quit fine dining and returns to Chicago to try and fix the run down sandwich shop, previously owned by his brother who passed. Marcus is a chef at the restaurant and handles the baking. He is a kind character that grows in his ignited passion for learning to be the best he can be in the kitchen.

Marcus wears the same uniform most of the kitchen staff does, which is a deep blue denim apron, a white shirt, black pants and non-slip shoes. He always has on a beanie that makes him stand out, which he also wears to his trip to Copenhagen in the latest season. With this we can see more of his unique style outside of his uniform.

Miss Trunchbull from Matilda the Musical (2022)

Miss Trunchbull in the 2022 adaptation of Matilda The Musical is played by Emma Thompson. Matilda was originally a book by Roald Dahl, then made into a film, and then a Broadway musical. The 2022 film is based on the musical. With all of these different versions of the classic story, Miss Trunchbull has always remained a pretty scary character!

Miss Trunchbull wears a very military inspired costume, showing her authority and seriousness for her job, being a terrible principal. Her costume hilariously fits her attitude and personality so well- from the army green trench coat, to the special belt attachment to hold her mallet. This would make a wonderfully fun and recognizable costume!

Mattel CEO from Barbie (2023)

The hilarious Will Ferrell plays the CEO of Mattel in the new movie Barbie by Greta Gerwig. The actual CEO of Mattel is Ynon Kreiz, who the character is based off of. This character exists in the real world that Barbie enters and the costume reflects that.

This CEO wears a black suit with pink details like a pink shirt and pink tie, representative of Barbie at the company. Add pink socks for an extra fun detail and pair with black dress shoes or black roller skates to match the suit.