Will from Platonic

Will (played by Seth Rogen) is one half of the friendly duo at the heart of the Apple TV show Platonic.  Will works as a brewmaster for Lucky Penny, a brewery funded primarily by his ex-wife’s step-brother.  He reconnects with Sylvia following his divorce and briefly dates Peyton.  Will dresses pretty outlandishly throughout the series, including donning a bright red jumpsuit following a trip to chain restaurant Johnny 66.  Will wears hip glasses and woven slip-on shoes with most of his outfits, including a green bomber jacket with the Lucky Penny logo on the back and his name embroidered on the front.

Sylvia from Platonic

Sylvia (played by Rose Byrne) is a married mother of three who reconnects with her friend Will following his divorce to kick off the Apple TV series Platonic.  Though she is typically level-headed and responsible, she and Will often find themselves in somewhat ridiculous situations, which can cause tension in her other relationships.  Sylvia wears a number of different outfits throughout the show, including a mustard-colored sweater that makes more than one appearance, and a practical brown leather purse.  After a trip to a Johnny 66, she wears a trucker hat, black crop top, and black high-waisted shorts.  When she meets the owner of the franchise later, she wears a blue and white dotted dress with her mustard sweater layered over top.  She tends to favor gold earrings to accessorize her outfits.