victoria pedretti

Love Quinn from You

Love Quinn is a character from the Netflix series You, and is played by Victoria Pedretti. You follows Joe, who works in a bookstore and frequently has crushes throughout the seasons that he would go killer lengths for to be with them. Love is a character we meet in season two and she continues through season three, where she becomes the antagonist. She is an aspiring chef from a wealthy family and starts a family with Joe.

Love typically dresses very feminine, with lots of sweaters and often an apron as she’s always cooking or baking. This would make a great duo costume with Joe Goldberg from season three.

Dani Clayton from The Haunting of Bly Manor

Dani Clayton (played by Victoria Pedretti) is the protagonist of Mike Flanagan’s Netflix horror mini series The Haunting of Bly Manor.  Dani is a young American hired by a rich British businessman to care for his niece and nephew, Flora and Miles, at their family estate in the country.  The children have recently been orphaned and lost their last governess to suicide.  The framing of the story begins in 2007, but the events depicted in the series take place in 1987, allowing for lots of fun era-appropriate wardrobe choices in order to emulate Dani’s style.

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