Sam Manson’s School Dance Outfit from Danny Phantom

Sam Manson (voiced by Grey DeLisle) is the best friend and eventual girlfriend of Danny Fenton on the Nickelodeon animated show Danny Phantom.  Sam is a self-proclaimed goth and ultra-recyclo-vegetarian obsessed with the macabre.  As such, her usual attire is very edgy.  When she attends a school dance, however, she manages to look the part without giving up her signature goth look.  To recreate her dance outfit, you’ll need to get a little creative with layering different pieces.  Start with a tube top in a purple hue and then add a fishnet long-sleeved shirt over it before putting on your black corset. You may have to be willing to sacrifice parts of the mesh in order to cut the fishnet shirt to fit under your corset so it doesn’t stick out.  You’ll finish the look with a purple skirt, which you can add glitter to if you’d like, a black wig, and purple makeup.

Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom

Mr. Lancer is a minor character in the Nickelodeon cartoon Danny Phantom. He is a teacher at Casper High, though as a student he was a male cheerleader. He favors the athletes as opposed to Danny and his friends, who therefore often get detention. At first he demands discipline, but laster gets depicted as a devoted educator who takes his job seriously and cares about the students. Eventually he gets promoted to vice principal.

Jasmine “Jazz” Fenton from Danny Phantom

Jazz is a social butterfly who has pride in her intelligence. She doesn’t view her family’s interest in ghost positively until she discovers her brother, Danny, transforming into his ghost form. From then, Jazz continues to be the protective, supportive sister she is with an extra task of covering for her brother in Danny Phantom.

Paulina Sanchez from Danny Phantom

Paulina Sanchez from Danny Phantom

Paulina Sanchez (voiced by Maria Canals Barrera) is the egotistical and vain love interest in the show Danny Phantom. While Danny’s crush on Paulina eventually ends Paulina remains part of the core character group. She even helps the main trio now and then when they are in danger, showing a softer side that she usually keeps hidden.

Paulina is usually seen in the same outfit, though she occasionally appears wearing her cheerleader uniform. From day to day Paulina prefers to keep her hair down and pinned back with barrettes. She wears a pink crop top, capri pants, and white slip-on shoes. She is also meticulous about her hails and makeup, so be sure and do both to complete the costume!

Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom

Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom

In Danny Phantom, Valerie Gray used to be a rich and popular student at Casper High was who set on destroying all ghosts. When an incident by Danny Phantom indirectly causes Valerie’s father to lose a high-paying job at a laboratory facility, she blames Danny for her family’s money troubles and plummeting popularity.

Sam Manson from Danny Phantom

Sam Manson

In Danny Phantom, Sam Manson is one of Danny’s best friends. She’s a less dreary version of a goth, and very outspoken about recycling and not eating anything with a face. Sam likes to wear black and purple goth outfits, but will change things up, even wearing a pink princess gown or orange jumpsuit from time to time.

Ember McLain from Danny Phantom

Ember McLain

In Danny Phantom, Ember McLain is a hard-rocking ghost teen who disrespects any and all authority figures. She views Danny Phantom as her arch enemy and blames him for ruining her vocal cords. She has full control of her trademark blue flaming hair, which she can use as a fire attack or shape however she likes.

Danny Phantom

Danny Fenton was a 14 year old boy, who had ghost hunting parents. His parents had built a machine that led into the Ghost Zone, which was an alternate dimension of Earth, where ghosts roam free. There are many dimensions inside of the Ghost Zone, of course, all which have a door that leads to another portal, either back into the ghost zone, or to the next dimension. His parents, Jack and Maddie Fenton, thought the machine didn’t work until Danny “looked” inside of it, tripped, and became our beloved, Danny Phantom.

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