anna akana

Gloria Sato from Big City Greens

Gloria Sato (voiced by Anna Akana) works at a cafe next to the Green Family’s house in the Disney Channel series Big City Greens.  Eventually, she and Cricket become co-workers and Gloria opens her own cafe.  Gloria has pale purple skin and blue hair.  During her time as a barista at Big Coffee, she is often shown wearing her work uniform which consists of a brown hat and apron over her usual clothes; purple pants and a pink t-shirt.  You can iron a coffee cup patch onto your apron to get a closer match to her apron from the show.  Once she opens Gloria + Green, her uniform changes to a green apron, which she wears folded so it doesn’t cover her orange shirt.  She pairs the look with brown pants.  While purple body paint isn’t necessary to pull off Gloria’s look, you can certainly add it if you feel like going the extra mile.

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