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Curtis Everett from Snowpiercer

Curtis Everett (played by Chris Evans) is often cited as the hero of the film Snowpiercer. It’s not a term Curtis would apply to himself, though. Haunted by what it took to survive shortly after the world ended, his every action is motivated by a need to atone. In the end he makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the innocent and end a system of brutal oppression that has spoken broadly to audiences in the years since the movie’s release. Director Bong Joon Ho pulled no punches in crafting the world of Snowpiercer and it shows in the depth and grit the movie submerges viewers in.

The first thing you’ll want to do is use a distressing technique like this one to make sure all your clothes looks dirty. Curtis has been living in a train car with little food and even less water – for drinking let alone bathing – for seventeen years. Washing clothes is not a priority in the tail section.

Once the clothes have been distressed properly you’ll also want to apply some black Duck Tape around the shoulder seam of the wool coat’s right shoulder. The tape is only around the back of the seam, however. A very clear shot of the layout can be seen in the scene where Curtis confronts the guards in the tail section and discovers they have no bullets.

Before doing your cosplay you can also make black cherry Jell-O and use extra pectin make it firm like the food bricks in the movie. Adding in some orange coloring or orange Jell-O might get the color closer to what we seen on-screen.

When you’re ready to put your cosplay together, layer up the tops and then apply the makeup to your face and hands to replicate dirty smudges. Any that gets on the clothes will add to the gritty condition they’re supposed to be in. Keep your hatchet handy and your food bricks ready and you’re ready to go!

Lucas Lee from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Lucas Lee is an antagonist in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. He is a famous action-movie actor with several doppelgänger stunt doubles. More notably, he is one of the seven evil exes who Scott Pilgrim must defeat to be with Ramona Flowers. Scott outsmarts Lucas by challenging him to grind down a stair railing, where he falls to his death. Chris Evans, best known as Captain America, plays this role.

Steve Rogers From Captain America: Civil War

Steve Rogers in Captain America: Civil War

Steve Rogers is best known as Captain America (Chris Evans), the first Avenger. But in Civil War, he breaks away from the rest of the team and takes a few allies with him. He spends much of the movie out of his uniform and in this casual but iconic look. A little hair gel keeps his hair in place while all the brown leather makes it clear he’s nobody to mess with, even without his shield.

Ransom Drysdale from Knives Out

Hugh “Ransom” Drysdale from Knives Out

Hugh “Ransom” Drysdale (played by Chris Evans) is considered spoiled even by his own family’s standards. An unmotivated playboy, he befriends Marta Cabrera only to reveal that he has his own ulterior motives for doing so. The most memorable pieces of Ransom’s outfit are his cozy wool sweater and bold patterned scarf.

WWII Captain America

In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) receives an experimental serum, with the aid of Peggy Carter, to transform his frail body into the peak of human ability in order to contribute to the US’s war effort. After a military mission, he’s made to don this colorful costume and tour the country to raise war bonds. Put into a deep sleep for 70 years, it’s not until he awakens to Nick Fury in present time that he puts away this vintage outfit for the Captain America costume we’re all familiar with.

Captain America

A frail Steve Rogers takes an experimental serum and becomes Captain America, a World War II hero and leader of the Avengers. As the name suggests, he’s pretty patriotic, garbing himself head to toe in the stars and stripes. Most recently, Cap has been played by actor Chris Evans.

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