josh grelle

Aiichiro Nitori from Free! (Sports Outfit)

Aiichiro (voiced in Japanese by Kouki Miyata and in English by Josh Grelle) is a secondary character in the anime series Free!

He also attended Samezuka Academy and was one of the captains of the swim club during his schooling, before graduating and attending Shimogami University. While at Samezuka, he was Rin’s roommate, and considers him a close friend, cheering him on despite the other’s gruffness.

Aiichiro has short medium grey hair with choppy bangs, soft blue eyes, and a mole under his eye. Like the rest of the students in Samezuka’s swim club, he has the same jacket as the rest of them, as well as matching shorts. When we see his shoes briefly, they’re a grey-blue blended pair of sneakers.

Tyrian Callows from RWBY

Tyrian Callows (voiced by Josh Grelle in English) is an associate of Dr. Arthur Watts and a supporting antagonist in the anime series RWBY.  Tyrian has gold eyes and a long braid.  If your hair isn’t long enough to style in this way, you have a few options available. First, you could purchase a long brown wig and braid it yourself; otherwise, if your hair is long enough to support a braided ponytail extension, one of those will suffice instead.  Tyrian is a sadistic serial killer who often bursts into unprompted bouts of maniacal laughter.  His costuming includes a white open-front vest and matching pants, along with bandages on his arms, forearm guards, a chest harness, and brown boots.  He disguises his scorpion tail by winding it around his waist like part of his belted harness.