Nobimaru from Kemono Jihen

Nobimaru (voiced in Japanese by Hiro Shimono and in English by Kevin K. Gomez) is a complex character from the anime Kemono Jihen, that tends to ping-pong between the main group and the kitsunes.

He is in the employ of Lady Inari, who Kon used to be a subordinate to, but also tends to show up around Kabane and his friends to give them dubious help on occasion because he rather dislikes Lady Inari despite working for her.

Nobimaru has another form that hasn’t been shown yet in the anime (manga only), as well as his fox form, but the main one we see him in is a thirteen year old boy with blonde hair and golden brown eyes. He does also have a fox tail and ears, but he hides them within his outfit, hence the ear covers.

His main outfit consists of a greenish-yellow button up shirt, a pale yellow tie, black short shorts and a matching suit jacket, long white socks held up by black sock garters, and then light brown loafers.

Kon from Kemono Jihen

Kon (voiced in Japanese by Yumiri Hanamori and in English by Brittany Lauda) is one of the antagonists turned mains in the anime Kemono Jihen.

She is a kitsune (fox) and used to be party of Lady Inari’s group, along with Nobimaru, but defected early on to go with Kabane and his friends, which was a much safer and happier option for her.

As a kitsune, she has some typical fox traits, including the light tan fluffy ears and tail that she hides in her hoodie, and small fangs. She has soft purple blue eyes and light blond hair tied in two low ponytails by her neck.

Her main outfit that she wears is a black striped white FOX brand hoodie with ear covers, hairclips on the edge of the hood, a black choker, black fingerless short gloves, black leggings with purple stripes crossing up them, and white sneakers with black side stripes.

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