Tress MacNeille

Charlotte Pickles from Rugrats

Charlotte Pickles (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is the stereotype of a ’90s career mom. She barks orders, demands progress, and knows exactly how she wants everything to go. Angelica had to get it from somewhere, after all.

Charlotte’s style is exactly what you’d expect for a career woman fresh from the ’80s. She wears her blonde hair in a high ponytail held in place by a blue scrunchy. Her red lips match both her stud earrings and her tie. Her white button down always pairs perfectly with either a blue or grey shoes and heels that match. And of course she never goes anywhere without her briefcase and her phone. Unfortunately her phone model is now a classic and very expensive (unless you want an inflatable novelty version) but a phone case can get you a look that is pretty close!

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