Make Your Own: Roman Torchwick’s Hat from RWBY

Roman Torchwick Hat from RWBY

Although the character departed from the series after RWBY’s third season, Roman Torchwick’s hat lives on as his accomplice, Neo Politan’s, accessory. Today, I’m going to show you how to re-create this iconic antagonist’s hat with a few simple steps. Combine this with our Roman Torchwick costume guide to get the complete look.

Materials Needed:


I started out with one of these, a middling-quality costume bowler hat that I purchased online. The brim needed a little finagling out of the box, but it’s serviceable!

Black bowler/derby hat

Roman’s hat has a decorative band of red. You could always hot-glue a strip of wide, red ribbon and call it a day. Personally, I used some red cotton fabric leftover from another project. If you go that route: cut out a long strip double the desired width, iron the fabric flat, fold the raw edges of the cloth down, and form a rectangular band long enough to wrap around the hat.

Red fabric plus strip of fabric for project

Glue it down as subtly as possible, or sew the band for a more “seamless”-looking join (okay, yes, it would technically have a seam if you do it that way, but you get my point), and slide it over for a snug fit.

Red band of fabric slipped over derby hat

At this point, you can also tuck the feather under the band. It should stay in place if your band was tight enough, but a little hot-glue won’t hurt matters.

Finished hat with added feathe

Whether you’re wearing this as part of a Roman Torchwick cosplay or you’re a jilted villain trying to remember their partner-in-crime, this Roman Torchwick bowler hat is now good to go!

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