Izzy Hands from Our Flag Means Death

Izzy Hands (Con O’Neill) is a character in HBO Max’s Our Flag Means Death. He is the loyal right hand man of Blackbeard with his two other crew members, Fang and Ivan. Bitter and tough, he doesn’t understand Ed’s infatuation with the Gentleman Pirate. When he’s not resentfully grumbling about Stede, he’s sneaking around or barking orders. He’s bested by Stede in a sword fight, which gets him kicked off the Revenge.

Frenchie from Our Flag Means Death

Frenchie is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a crew member aboard The Revenge, who often sings of their pirate adventures. He plays the lute to accompany his improvised sea shanties. He has also written fanfiction about Blackbeard, which he admits in his presence. Joel Fry portrays this role.


Captain Nigel Badminton from Our Flag Means Death

Captain Nigel Badminton (Rory Kinnear) is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a British Naval officer who encounters Stede Bonnet aboard his ship, The Revenge. As children, Nigel teased Stede for being a cowardly rich boy. As an adult, he continues his bullying, for he mocks Stede’s lavish lifestyle and delusion of piratehood. However, Stede accidentally assists in his death, when he knocks Nigel unconscious, causing him to fall on his sword and stab himself in the eye. From then on, he appears as a hallucination, taunting Stede in his moments of doubt. He has a twin brother named Chauncey Badminton, who searches for his mysteriously absent sibling.

lucius our flag means deathcharacter

Lucius from Our Flag Means Death

Lucius (Nathan Foad) is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He acts as the scribe aboard The Revenge, tasked with keeping a record of their adventures. Aside from Stede, he is the only other one who can read and write. But their similarity extends in the sense that neither of them are cut out for piracy, as Lucius is equally as frightened and revolted by violence and bloodshed. He also has an affinity for sketching anatomy. He pursues a romantic relationship with fellow crewmember, Black Pete. You might not expect that is Lucius is quite sneaky, such as when he steals Jim’s knife from Spanish Jackie.


Black Pete from Our Flag Means Death

Black Pete is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a member of Stede’s crew on The Revenge, and he seems to be the only one with actual pirating experience. He claims to have been a member of Blackbeard’s crew, hence his name, but the others know he’s bluffing. He develops a romantic relationship with Lucius. Out of everyone, Black Pete seems to harbor the most resentment toward Stede, and he frequently suggests mutiny.


Jim from Our Flag Means Death

Jim Jinenez is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. Previously known as Bonifacia, they fled the Republic of Pirates as a wanted criminal. They have a bounty on their head for killing Spanish Jackie’s favorite husband, out of revenge for killing their family. With Oluwande‘s help, Jim joins the crew of the Revenge as a mute in a male disguise. When the ship is grounded, they go swimming in the ocean, where Lucius discovers the fake beard and mustache. Their identity is revealed, but they still prefer to go by Jim. Brave yet impulsive, they are a skilled hand to hand combat fighter, and their preferred weapon is a knife, particularly the heirloom with their family name carved into the handle. Vito Oritz portrays Jim, who like their pirate counterpart, is non-binary as well.

Roach from Our Flag Means Death

Roach is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a member of Stede Bonnet’s crew. He is the head cook aboard the Revenge, but he advocates for violence and torture just like the others. Fans of the show have replicated their very own versions of his orange cake, which impressed and delighted actor Samba Schutte!

Mr. Buttons from Our Flag Means Death

Mr. Buttons is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a member of Stede Bonnet’s crew. Disheveled and a bit deranged, Mr. Buttons is a firm believer in supernatural forces, such as ghosts and moonbathing. When he speaks in his thick Scottish accent, he either delivers cryptic messages or suggests cannibalism. He can also name a thousand different sea creatures. He wears metal fangs during combat, and he’s seen his fair share of violence. Mr. Buttons can communicate with seagulls, and he is often seen with Karl the Seagull perched on his head. Use the opaque cap over the wig to mimic his balding hairstyle.


Oluwande from Our Flag Means Death

Oluwande (Samson Kayo) is a character in the HBO Max series, Our Flag Means Death. He is a crewmate aboard the Revenge. Level-headed and pragmatic, Oluwande tries to steer the other characters away from danger. He is sympathetic towards Stede, especially with his internal crisis after the murder. The others look to Oluwande for sound advice as well, making him well-liked and highly respected among the crew. Oluwande is especially close with Jim. While he acts as a confidant and conscience, he wishes Jim would view him as more than a friend.


Spanish Jackie from Our Flag Means Death

Spanish Jackie is a minor antagonist in HBO Max’s Our Flag Means Death. A powerful and feared pirate with 19 husbands, she owns a tavern in Republic of Pirates. She seeks revenge for the death of her late husband who was killed by Jim, formerly known as Bonifacia Jimenez. He almost kills Stede for knocking over her nose jar, but the news of Blackbeard’s interest gets him off the hook. Her name comes from an actual legend, though there is no evidence if she was a real person. In the show, she admits she’s not even Spanish. Comedian Leslie Jones, who you may recognize from Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live, portrays this role.

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