Calliope Burns from First Kill

Calliope “Cal” Burns (Imani Lewis) is a main character in Netflix’s First Kill. Based on the short story by V.E. Schwab, the plot centers on two enemies: Calliope and Juliette. As the title suggests, each must carry out their first kill — Calliope must kill her first monster and Juliette must feed from her first victim — but they fall for each other instead. Cal comes from a family of hunters, whose mission is to eradicate monsters. Cal senses Juliette is a vampire and uses her keen investigation skills to test the theory with a silver bracelet. But growing closer to Juliette makes her realize not all monsters are evil, like she was raised to believe. She shows tenacity by defending and seeing her despite her family’s warnings. Her style is more trendy, often featuring athletic wear to reflect her hunter training.

David from Camp Camp

David is a character in the comedy web series, Camp Camp. He is a counselor at Camp Campbell. Optimistic and kind-hearted, he is eager to show people the bright side of camping. His enthusiasm clashes with other characters, but that doesn’t deter his goal to make kids what joy camping can bring.

samantha from totally spies

Samantha from Totally Spies!

Samantha (voiced by Jennifer Hale in English and Claire Guyot in French) is a capable spy on the French cartoon series Totally Spies!  Samantha inherited the spy gene from her mom and is under careful surveillance by Jerry Lewis before eventually being asked to join WOOHP where she teams up with fellow spies Alexandra and Clover.  Samantha’s main costume is her green spy outfit which consists of heeled boots, gloves, and a bodysuit.  She also has long copper red hair that she wears pushed back off her forehead.  To recreate her suit, don’t be afraid to get creative by adding some foam details to emulate the more high-tech aspects.  If the self-adhesive velcro doesn’t work for you, simply reach for your preferred fabric-safe glue to achieve the same effect!

Elinor Fairmont from First Kill

Elinor Fairmont (Gracie Dzienny) is an antagonistic character in Netflix’s First Kill. Based on the short story by V.E. Schwab, the plot centers on two enemies: Calliope and Juliette. As the title suggests, each must carry out their first kill — Calliope must kill her first monster and Juliette must feed from her first victim — but they fall for each other instead. Elinor is Juliette’s older sister, a Legacy vampire with the power to control minds. Unlike her younger sister, Elinor sees nothing wrong with killing humans. She tries to encourage Juliette to give into her true nature and make her first kill. But it’s revealed her intentions have been sinister and self-centered. Her style is similarly girlish, but oppositely provocative to contrast her sister’s purity.


Comet from Astroblast!

Comet (voiced by Vinnie Penna) is the protagonist of Astroblast! Known for his loud, exciting personality, he is the leader of the space crew. Although he can be a bit conceited at times. Comet reads lots of comic books and loves to play with his action figures.

raccaccoonie from everything everywhere all at once

Raccaccoonie from Everything Everywhere All at Once

Chad (played by Harry Shum, Jr.) is a chef in an alternate universe who works with Evelyn at a hibachi restaurant in the film Everything Everywhere All at Once.  Chad is the best chef at the restaurant where Evelyn works in this particular universe, but she soon discovers why… there’s a raccoon under his chef’s hat that controls his every move.  To recreate the ‘Raccaccoonie’ costume, you have a few options. You’ll want to dress as a chef using white and blue as much as possible.  But for the raccoon component, you can decide how much effort you’d like to put in.  You can wear a blue chef’s hat and attach a raccoon tail hanging out the back, or you could wear a cute raccoon plush hat.  If you’re willing to get a little more creative, you could cut slits into the bottom of a raccoon stuffed animal and thread two or three hard headbands through it to affix the toy to your head.

mabel mora from only murders in the building

Mabel Mora from Only Murders in the Building

Mable Mora (played by Selena Gomez) is a main character in Only Murders in the Building on Hulu.  When Mable arrives at the Arconia apartment complex in New York City, she’s a bit of an anomaly.  An artist, it turns out Mabel is staying at her aunt’s for free in exchange for fixing it up, but she has a complicated past with the Arconia, which is revealed over the course of the first season of the true-crime podcast she hosts with Charles and Oliver.  Season two sees her past further revealed after a bloody discovery in her apartment.  Mabel wears a number of quirky outfits, often borrowing pieces from her aunt’s wardrobe to mix and match unique looks.  Focus on finding some cozy retro-looking sweaters and pops of color when putting together your costume.

finney blake from the black phone

Finney Blake from The Black Phone

Finney Blake (played by Mason Thames) is the protagonist of the horror film The Black Phone.  Based on a short story of the same name, Finney is kidnapped by a serial killer known as The Grabber.  While held in captivity, he begins to receive supernatural communications from prior victims on a disconnected black phone.  Finney has long, shaggy hair, and is wearing a blue and grey baseball tea and jeans when he is kidnapped.

Zeus from Thor: Love and Thunder

Zeus (Russell Crowe) is a minor character in Thor: Love and Thunder. He is the Greek god of the skies, king of Olympus, and leader of the gods. When Thor confronts him about the god butcher, Zeus disregards the threat. The group ends up impaling him with his Thunderbolt, which Valkyrie steals before making their escape. Later on, they use the power of the Thunderbolt to help defeat Gorr. An iconic scene from the trailer involves Zeus magically removing Thor’s disguise that leaves him nude in front of everyone and makes the Grecian girls swoon. The post credit scene features Zeus recuperating from his injuries and calling upon a familial hero to take down the Norse god of thunder.