Sheen Estevez

Sheen Estevez is a character in the Nickelodeon show, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius He is the main character in his spin-off, Planet Sheen. His best friends are Jimmy Neutron and Carl Wheezer. Hyperactive and loud, Sheen is obsessed with the action hero, Ultra-Lord. Use the gel to spike your own hair or a dark brown wig.

Carl Wheezer

Carl Wheezer is a character in the Nickelodeon show, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Cautious and insecure, he has asthma and many allergies. His best friends are Jimmy Neutron and Sheen Estevez. Whereas Jimmy loves adventure, Carl fears just about everything. But the one thing Carl loves are llamas. The suspenders in this guide are optional, since they’re only seen in the movie and not the actual show.

SCP-035 from SCP

SCP-035 from SCP Containment Protocol

SCP-035 is an extremely dangerous object and part of the SCP Foundation’s collection in SCP: Containment Protocol. Also known as Possessive Mask, SCP-035 escapes containment along with countless other dangerous entities like SCP-1471-A and SCP-049.  SCP-035 can possess anyone who wears it, which will result in their bodies decaying at an extremely fast rate.  The Possessive Mask is one of the many horrors D-9341 encounters during the course of the game.  To recreate the look of SCP-035, use black acrylic paint on a white comedy mask to create the long, black tear tracks that ooze from it, as well as to dirty a white shirt.  Black body paint can add an additional detail by using it on your hands and arms.

the doctor from dead by daylight

The Doctor from Dead by Daylight

Herman Carter was a member of the CIA’s Project MK Ultra, who built up a reputation using electro-shock therapy to procure intel during interrogation. When investigators finally came knocking, he was long gone. The Doctor was introduced in Chapter IV of Dead by Daylight, where he now continues his research in the Realm of the Entity, shocking survivors and sacrificing them. His costume consists of a standard lab coat, but his face is horrifyingly contorted and burned, making a latex mask the best way to recreate the look.

Hannah Marie from Scary Godmother

Hannah Marie is a character in the Scary Godmother books and movies. The children’s books were written and illustrated by Jill Thompson. Hannah is the protagonist of the series. On Halloween, her older cousin, Jimmy, takes her trick-or-treating. Yet Jimmy plays a mean prank and locks her in a haunted house. As Hannah begins to cry, Scary Godmother comes to comfort her. She invites Hannah to Frightside, an alternate dimension fueled by Halloween magic. At first, she’s scared of the monsters, but she quickly befriends them. Hannah becomes particularly close to Scary Godmother, Bugaboo, and Orson. While also sweet-natured and friendly, Hannah grows into a brave, assertive, and admirable character. This costume guide features her Fairy Princess/Queen costume seen in both movies.

Jimmy Neutron

Jimmy Neutron (short for James Isaac Neutron) is the protagonist of the Nickelodeon show, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. His two best friends are Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez, and he has a robot dog named Goddard. As the title suggests, Jimmy is impressively intelligent with an IQ of 210. When he’s in a crisis, he urges his brain by saying “Think, think, think!” and when he figures out a solution, he exclaims “Brain Blast!” While Jimmy is kind and caring, his knowledge can make him an arrogant know-it-all. However, he enjoys being the one to save the day. To him, there’s nothing whipping up a new invention or science experiment can’t fix.

Cal Chuchesta

Cal Chuchesta

Cal Chuchesta is the weird, bumbling, but extremely talented roommate of famous YouTube music critic Anthony Fantano. Cal is fierce behind the keyboards and unrivaled with his songwriting. Cal also has a keen sense of fashion, with his XXXL sweater, manly mustache, and steely squint.

Geri from Geri’s Game

Ger is the main character in the Pixar short “Geri’s Game” from 1997. It was released in theaters along with A Bug’s Life and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1998. Geri is an old man who plays chess against himself in a park as both Black and White.

Fairy Godmother in Cinderella (2021)

The fairy godmother, portrayed by the iconic Billy Porter, is a character in Cinderella (2021). In this iteration, a monarch butterfly transforms into the fairy godmother. Introducing himself as her fabulous godmother, he says Cinderella saved her, and now he plans to send her to the ball. With a rendition of “Shining Star,” he uses magic to make one of her gown designs come to life. Of course, he pairs it with the signature glass slippers.